1074 elder day care centres soon - SB

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By 2017-11-14

The Government will build 1074 elder day care centres across the country within next year, Minister for Social Empowerment, Welfare and Kandyan Heritage S. B. Dissanayake declared yesterday.

He added that new Samurdhi Development Officers will receive their appointment letters at the Sugathadasa Stadium this week. Subsequently, they will be required to participate in a leadership training programme which will be conducted by the Army.

"Apart from that, we are in the process of providing appointment letters to all the Samurdhi managers and development officers who have not received their official appointment letters even after completing 22 years in service," he said.

He further went on to note that the Government will create a suitable and respectable environment for the elderly who are neglected by their relatives.

The elders who are enrolled into such elders day care centres will be provided hot water for bathing, carrom boards, card packs, libraries, newspapers and exercise facilities, the Minister said.

He further stated: "We created the name 'Samurdhi' after a long and comprehensive study of the world renowned campaigns designed for poverty alleviation. Among them, we studied the Grameen Campaign in Bangladesh spearheaded by Nobel Prize winner Prof. Mohomad Yunus, the Samuel Don Campaign of South Africa, Kibbutz of Israel, Sewa from India etc.

Unfortunately, the previous ministers who handled the Samurdhi Programme did not identify the original meaning of the word 'Samurdhi' and its program and so it was referred to as 'Divinaguma'. This was a colossal error.



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