Over a 3rd of public institutions non-compliant Finance and performance related

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By 2017-11-14

More than one third of the total Government institutions investigated by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) have not been able to comply with the financial and performance guidelines.

This was revealed when the PAC Chairman Lasantha Alagiyawanna presented the PAC comprehensive report to the Parliament yesterday (13), which for the first time in history has taken 842 institutions into consideration.

Presenting the report, the Deputy Minister said, that it was the third report of the PAC under the Yahapalana (Good Governance) Government. "Since 1978, the PAC has produced 34 reports.

Those 34 reports were investigations concerning 410 institutions. But the report we present to the Parliament covers 842 institutions in a year."

The Deputy Minister thanked the Director and the staff of the Information and Communication Technology Department of the Parliament for enabling the PAC to furnish its first ever most comprehensive report at such a short time.

The committee observed that only 67.57 per cent of public institutions have been able to adhere to the prescribed financial and performance guidelines.

Among those institutions which have been able to comply with the guidelines only seven per cent had been able to adhere to 90 per cent of the guidelines in their financial transactions.

The total number of institutions that had achieved a compliance of less than 60 per cent was 240.

It is approximately 29 per cent of the 842 institutions.

The committee would take action to recognize the institutions which failed to achieve a high performance level and inform their chief accounting officers of the shortcomings and to hold them responsible for the subject areas to be developed.



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