LAUGFS, Education Ministry to help O/L students

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By 2017-11-15

To strengthen mathematical knowledge among students, LAUGFS Holdings has partnered with the Mathematics Branch of the Ministry of Education to facilitate a series of Math Camps conducted using Advanced Learning Techniques developed by the Ministry, stated a press release. The Nana Maga Math Camps will assist over 3,000 students sitting for their G.C.E. Ordinary Level Examination in 2017 and 2018.

"Enhancing mathematics knowledge is critical to a student's higher studies and career prospects. Our effort to strengthen maths within the school curriculum is driven by a long-term aim to strengthen our country's human resources with the necessary aptitudes and skills. This is critical to secure the future of our nation," explained Ministry of Education Secretary Sunil Hettiarachchi. "We need the support of corporates, media and all others to reinforce this message with renewed interest in this important subject. We are pleased to have the support of a large corporate like LAUGFS to take this endeavour forward."

The Nana Maga Maths Camps are conducted for G.C.E. O/L students under the Accelerated Teaching Methodology developed by the Ministry of Education's Mathematics Branch. The project will be rolled out in the Southern Province during 2017/18, and is expected to be expanded across the country in different phases, added the release.

"As a Sri Lankan conglomerate, we have a strong focus on nurturing future leaders of our country. The LAUGFS Nana Maga programme was set up with this vision in mind," remarked LAUGFS Holdings Chairman W. K. H. Wegapitiya. "The Nana Maga Math Camps project is one such initiative under this, where we have collaborated with the Ministry of Education's Mathematics Branch, whose work is truly commendable in continuously elevating and enriching mathematics knowledge and understanding among students."

The project launch took place at the Sariputhra Maha Vidyalaya in Galle recently, with the presence of LAUGFS Holdings and the Ministry of Education. During the event, over 3,000 academic textbooks were also handed over to the Ministry of Education by LAUGFS Holdings.

"We partnered with the Ministry of Education to roll out this unique programme for children across the island with a firm resolve to help make quality education more accessible and engaging for all," commented LAUGFS Holdings Managing Director Thilak De Silva. "As a conglomerate, we employ talent from a diverse range of professions. These range from engineers at LAUGFS Engineering to scientists at our R&D facilities of LAUGFS Lubricants. Maths is a critical subject for many professions today, whether it is finance, IT, engineering, auditing, quality control or procurement. Therefore, we felt the need to play an active role to help create awareness of the importance of mathematics to build a successful career, which needs to start from the classroom."

"These interactive maths camps have been designed using newly developed advanced learning methodologies with the aim of increasing student interest and understanding of mathematical concepts. They are also aided with activity-based learning techniques to better engage students and make learning maths an enjoyable experience," explained Ministry of Education Director of Education (Mathematics Division) Priyatha Nanayakkara. "With the support of LAUGFS, we are now able to reach out to a large number of deserving students across the country."

A solid foundation in mathematics is important to enhance essential skills such as problem solving and analytical thinking. The unique and advanced methodologies used to introduce mathematical concepts at the LAUGFS Nana Maga Maths Camps will significantly support students with the proper guidance and tools to develop mathematical skills in a supportive and enjoyable environment.
LAUGFS is one of the largest diversified business conglomerates and a trusted name in Sri Lanka. Founded in 1995, LAUGFS today has expanded across 20 industries in Sri Lanka and overseas, establishing a strong presence as a leader and pioneer in the power and energy, retail, industrial, services, leisure, logistics and real estate sectors. With over 4,000 employees and an annual turnover exceeding Rs 28 billion, LAUGFS continues to expand and empower millions as a trusted Sri Lankan brand, concluded the release.



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