Build before onset of Kona Masa

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By 2017-11-19

By Sampath S. Kalpage

The final Kona Masa of the year will occur between 17 Dec. 2017 and 16 January 2018. According to Astrology the auspicious rays from the benefic planets Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are weakened due to the inauspicious rays from Sun during this period. Therefore this period is considered inauspicious for activities such as house construction and marriage and auspicious times are not fixed for such events.

If a marriage or a house warming event takes place during this period, it is believed that all aspects of their lives may be affected by bad influence. As such people are discouraged from conducting housing or building activities during the period. However, the most suitable period for auspicious times in the month of November happen to be 6.48 a.m. on 24 Friday and at 9.12 a.m. on 30 Thursday.
Accordingly before the Kona Masa occurs, the most powerful and auspicious time for building a house occurs at 6.48 am on Nov. 24 and the auspicious direction happens to be East. The speciality on this occasion is Venus being powerful on Friday, the constellation being Utrasala which comes under the Sun on a full moon day and thereby creating a powerful planetary influence. This is a very auspicious day for those who are born under the constellations of Berana, Puvapal, Puvasala, Kethi, Utrapal, Utrasala, Muvasirasa, Sitha, Denata, Rehena, Hatha, Suvana, Punavasa, Visa, Puvaputupa, Aslisa, Deta and Revathi. The time of Sunrise is 6.04 a.m. and Rahu Kala happens to be lasting from 10.27 to 11.54.

The second auspicious time that occurs on 30 November is at 9.12 am facing the direction of North. The horary sign happens to be Sagittarius that comes under Jupiter. The ruler of the Lagna Jupiter is in the 11th House or the Ayasthana; Moon powerfully placed in the 4th is highly auspicious. Malefic planets such as Rahu, Kethu, Saturn, and Sun are consecutively placed in the 8th, 2nd,12th, and the 1st Houses; the day gathers more strength by coming under Revathi constellation, 11th Thithi in the waxing phase and ruler of the day being powerful. Venus is also placed in the Panchama Hora. The day is good for starting new constructions, restarting abandoned work and also for housewarming.

Those who are born under Asvida, Ma, Mula, Berana and Puvapal can use this time under the constellations of Puvasala, Rehena, Hatha , Suvana, Ada, Sa, Siyavasa, Pusha, Anura, Utraputupa, Aslisa, Deta, and Revathi. Sun rises at 6.06 a.m. on this day and Rahu Kala happens to occur from 1.27 to 2.54.

You too can have auspicious times set on these two days for housing and marriages under Astrological consultation.
These auspicious timings are set according to the time of Sunrise over Colombo. During these two days there are other auspicious timings for drawing cords, digging the foundation and laying foundation stones.



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