Palms of road accident victims

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By 2017-11-19

Road accidents occur every day due to reckless driving or sheer negligence on the part of pedestrians; in the context of the law, either party shall be found guilty and legally dealt with. The objective of this article is to deal with both sides involved in tragic incidents; one that will be found guilty and the other that is destined to die on the spot or on admission to the hospital.

With the intention of writing more factual and provable substance on the subject under discussion, I had to download two palm prints of road accident victims that had taken place in India and had been posted on websites of world famed veteran astrologers and many other Institutes of Palmistry in India.

It was clearly mentioned by me in my article that was published on Sunday 15 October 2017 that if a deeply grooved line rises from the Line of Life and runs the same towards the mount of Saturn under the middle finger, it indicates injuries to the head that may be critical, and may even end up with the demise of the subject. This situation would be doubly confirmed, if another deeply grooved straight line runs to the same mount, starting either from the mount of Sun under the ring finger or from the mount of upper Mars under the mount of Mercury.

On the palms of some individuals who are optimistic about their fast riding or even driving, the above mentioned line configurations may be present in fragmentations or may even start to appear when the pre destined accident is about to happen. The nature of lines, black spots and dark patches or distortions on the mounts or on the palms appear and disappear from time to time depending on the malefic periods of the birth chart of a person.

The palm print illustrated here belongs to a person with clearly visible short lifespan for quite a number of provable reasons according to the principles of the science of Palmistry.
At first glance, it is evident that the line of life ends in the middle of the palm; somewhere around 50 years of age, still it does not imply that life ends exactly at the age of 50 itself. It simply means that the life span of the subject is short and may end anytime before 50.

On the other hand, his line of fate is fragmented at the beginning and instead starts from around the middle of the palm and abruptly terminates at about 45 years of age.

The line of head too is comparatively short and widely separated from the line of life, which indicates aggressiveness, heedless actions, sudden decisions, optimistic self confidence on his undertakings of whatever magnitude and sudden travel at amazing speed.
The line of Sun or otherwise called the line of fortune under the mount of the ring finger is not to be seen.
In addition to the aforesaid negative indications, a slightly visible tiny branch line extends toward the line of life, which carries tendencies for frequent financial trouble, sudden intention for suicide and fatal death as well.

This palm print distinctly elaborates on untimely death due to an unexpected accident or sudden illness.
Other incredible line configuration is the clearly grooved long line of life which extends from underneath the mount of Jupiter below the index finger and then runs as a beautiful semi circle up to the bracelets. I had met a person with a similar line of life who died in a three wheeler accident at the age of around 32 who had had about 07 small children. I am still able to recall that his clear cut long line of life did have a clearly visible cross bar on the line of life at the age of around 29. Palmistry considers this positioning as a severe threat to one's life, if other favourable and most vital lines such as the line of fate and line of fortune too are missing.
A palm of a similar road accident victim too is illustrated here for better comprehension of the hidden and occult authenticity of the universal science of Palmistry. ([email protected])



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