Want to get rid of malefic Saturn ?

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By 2017-11-19

By Anuradha Perera

People interested in astrology must now be very much aware of what Saturn Erashtaka is all about, as it has been continuously subject to discussion in the astrological circles. There are four phases of Saturn Erashtaka which all individuals are supposed to undergo during their lifetimes. Planets including gigantic Saturn are subject to constant movement. This natural movement is what results in Saturn Erashtaka.

The period in which Saturn is located on either side of the Moon (at birth) is known as 'Janma Erashtaka' which exists for 7.5 years whereas the period in which Saturn is placed in the 8th House from the place where Moon was located at birth is identified as 'Janma Ashtama Erashtaka'. The period in which Saturn is placed in either 1st, 2nd or the 12th results in ' Lagna Erashtaka', lasting 7 ½ years. The period in which Saturn is posited in the 8th house from the 1st house is known as 'Ashtama Erashtaka'.

Accordingly, one has to undergo the malefic influence of Saturn for 20 years during his lifetime. Therefore, people should not panic due to malefic Saturn which is no strange phenomenon as regards human life. Consequences produced by malefic Saturn would not be as bad as someone may presume and will not always produce deadly outcomes. It is true that the person undergoing Saturn Erashtaka might be hammered through various ways during the period as negative outcomes of negative deeds committed in previous lives influence people during this period. Perhaps, the negative outcomes of bad deeds committed in this life itself too punish a person. Their consequences remain the same for the poor as well as the rich. Your behaviour has a powerful influence on the manner in which Saturn treats you; Saturn would be sympathetic to those who lead meritorious lives whereas those who have behaved badly will have to bear the brunt of their actions.

Among all types of Saturn Erashtaka, Janma Ashtama and Lagna Ashtam Erashtka are known to be the most severe; but consequences may vary depending on the house in which Saturn is placed. Therefore, the results produced by Saturn Erashtaka are not similar. Different aspects of life such as marital life might be affected by Saturn Erashtaka; since the period is psychologically disturbing, one has to train and tame the mind to face the effects. Untamed and untrained mind often leads to faulty decisions. Thus, patience is a must for those who are under malefic Saturn. At present, people seem to be searching for instant solutions instead of committing meritorious deeds in order to get rid of malefic influence of Saturn.



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