Installing doors and windows according to Vastu

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By 2017-11-19

Sanjeeva Kumara Rangalla

Usage of timber
Vastu specifies on the type of timber that should be used or rejected when making doors and windows in spite of adhering to the proper procedure. It indicates that wood from burnt or dried trees, from trees found in temple premises and cemeteries, tree trunks where birds have carved holes or where serpents dwell should not be used in making doors and windows.
Number of windows and doors

Vastu indicates the number of doors and windows that should be installed. The door frames should be of an odd number(3,5,7,9,11,15) while the windows should be of an even number(2,4,6,8,10,12,14).
When considering Vastu architecture or numerology, it is appropriate to avoid 13 and 17.

For proper Vastu energy to flow into a house, the doors and windows as well as their frames should be made of wood. At present materials such as fibre, metal and concrete are used for the convenience offered by them. It needs to be known that it is not a proper method for installing doors and windows. Door inserts in the shape of arches and large spaces left on walls are taken into account as door windows. For a window or door to be complete, it should consist of a frame(wooden).

Door frames and windows that are smaller than the standard size
It is beneficial to maintain the size at 3 ½' X 7' for door frames.

Main door frame
The main frame should be different from the others. The main frame should be more in height, and width in comparison to other doors. It is defective to have the main door frame in a smaller size in comparison to the others. Due to the energy not entering in proper quantities the progress and the health of the inhabitants may be affected.

Windows of large size
In the urban areas we get to see windows almost similar in size to the walls.

Door Windows
Windows in modern houses that have no wooden lower part is known by this name. Not being able to differentiate between a door and a window may create defects. Windows should be installed at least one foot above the ground level.

Carvings on doors
In the past carvings could be observed on wooden doors. The carvings of lions, swans, peacocks and Pun Kalas (water pots with full blown coconut racemes) were meant for auspiciousness. In addition to the aesthetics, it added a certain dignity. At present doors are made with collecting a number of wooden particles instead of a single particle thereby creating many Vastu defects in addition to security risks. The next time when you have to install doors and windows remember to adhere to the Vastu rules that you have neglected in the past.



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