SL to produce sea wave energy

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By 2017-11-20

Finland-based AW Energy has announced that it is working with the Government of Sri Lanka to set up a project to harness the potential of ocean wave energy around the southern coast of the island.

The official government news portal quoted AW Energy CEO John Liljelund as saying, "Wave energy is the largest untapped form of renewable energy in the world. It is on track to produce 10% of the global energy demand in upcoming decades. The global installed capacity of wind and solar power at the end of 2014 was 360 GW and 150 GW respectively."

On an official visit to Finland recently, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and Finland's Prime Minister Juha Sipilä agreed that a concrete pilot project would be......initiated in the field of wave energy in Sri Lanka, expressing their common commitment to strengthening ties between the two countries in the field of energy with a forward looking and a business- minded approach.
Liljelund also elaborated on the implementation plan of the project.

"WaveRoller is installed in the near-shore area at depths of approximately eight to twenty metres, where it captures the sweet spot of the surge phenomenon while avoiding the most violent storms. Because the largest waves break naturally before entering near-shore areas, WaveRoller devices elude the devastating waves that can harm offshore installations," he said. The ocean wave energy company develops the patented WaveRoller concept and product design, which is the first device to utilize the well known form of ocean wave energy - the surge phenomenon. AW-Energy is privately held by the founders, personnel and capital investors.



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