Refusal to hoist National Flag Cooray to seek AG’s opinion

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By 2017-11-21


Governor of the Northern Province, Reginald Cooray stated that he would be meeting officials at the Attorney General (AG)'s Department regarding actions to be taken on the conduct of the Northern Provincial Council (NPC)'s Minister of Education.

NPC's Minister of Education, K. Sarwesvaran was criticized by many when he refused to hoist the national flag at a function held at Perakum Maha Vidyalaya, Irattai Periya Kulam in Vavuniya.

Commenting on the actions of the Education Minister, Governor Cooray stated that many views have been expressed in this regard. "Some are of the opinion that his conduct is contrary to the constitution, so should be stripped of his ministerial portfolio and disciplinary action taken against him. I have gathered facts and details on this incident and am prepared to produce them before the AG's Department. When I have consulted officials of the AG's Department about the action I should take as Governor, I will take the necessary steps immediately."

When asked his personal opinion on the conduct of Sarwesvaran, he refused to express any view saying that his personal opinion would affect the result of disciplinary actions that he would be taking against the Minister in due course.

"The action that I am going to take against Minister Sarweswaran should be firm and in full compliance with the law of the country and that is why I am meeting officials at the AG's Department in person. The verdict of the Court with regard to this case can be highly crucial to the Constitution. Provincial Councillors should respect the National Flag and Anthem." he said.



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