You can’t save the world alone

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By 2017-11-23

By Shani Asokan
Ceylon Today Features

Right out of the pages of DC comics comes Justice League, a film based on a band of superheroes coming together to protect the world from evil. Taking place in the aftermath of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, this movie finds Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) and Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) in the midst of seeking out and putting together a team of superheroes to defend the planet from a catastrophic new threat, Steppenwolf. The heroes are tasked with making sure Steppenwolf is stopped from carrying out his mission to bring about the end of days.

Here's the thing; I had been looking forward to seeing this movie since I saw the trailer earlier this year. While its predecessor, Batman V Superman, wasn't the best at building up hype for this movie, the trailer definitely was. With an amped up version of Come Together by the Beatles as the primary soundtrack, the trailer promised loads of action, and an intriguing plot. So as you can imagine, I went into the theatre on Thursday 16 November 2017, with high expectations, only to be mildly underwhelmed and more than a little disappointed.

First off, the beginning of the movie was slow, to the point where my sense of excitement deflated to mild interest. While it is important to give everyone a back story, I felt like too much time was devoted to the past narrative leaving only very little space for the main plot to develop. With the Flash and Aquaman movies already in pre-production, this felt rather counterproductive.

However, while this was later balanced out by some fast-paced action scenes, and an amazing flashback scene, the plot itself remained rather disappointing.

Steppenwolf is originally portrayed as this all powerful alien being who can bring about an apocalypse if he manages to steal all three of the mother boxes, which are cubes of power that control the world as we know it. However, later on in the movie Steppenwolf is given very little screen time, leaving his character severely under developed. More attention was instead given to Superman and his part in the main plot.

Cons aside, there were still a few things I loved about the movie. The parts with Wonder Woman were great, they stayed true to the previous movie, highlighting the difference of opinion between her and Batman when it came to saving the world, and the extent they were willing to go to in order to do that. Ezra Miller's portrayal of the Flash was spot on, right down to his quirky, nervous energy. Aquaman (Jason Momoa) brought some much needed humour to the screen, his banter, a much needed break in the otherwise sombre story.

Overall, Justice League was tepid at best. It did not live up to the hype and I was left feeling extremely underwhelmed.



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