GoSL to utilize Rs 600M Indian housing grant

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By 2017-11-24

The 'Grama Shakthi' housing project will utilize the entirety of Rs 600 million donated by the Indian Government, the Ministry of Housing and Construction said.

This decision was made by its Minister Sajith Premadasa who will also initiate the construction of 1,200 houses in 25 districts.

Those who receive homes via the 'Grama Shakthi' project will also be eligible for livelihood development programmes.

The Ministry went on to state that this programme had been expanded to cover all Districts and Divisional Secretariats in the island and would include all those who are below the poverty line and reside in slums and temporary shelters. A grant of
Rs 500,000 will also be given to those who do not have the means to enter the 'Uda Gammana' loan schemes and that they will also be involved in the development programme.



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