Window snowflakes

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By 2017-11-26

By Milan Lu

Even though Sri Lanka cannot have snow, we can still add a bit of Christmas cheer to our windows with home-made pretty snowflakes.

4Look online for some snowflake templates and print them. You can print them in different sizes to get different sized snowflakes. You can even use the templates on this page. Make sure the snowflakes have enough space in between each template so that you can easily cut them out.

4Cut out the templates so that there is lots of space all around. You don't need to cut out the snowflake perfectly; all you need it for is to trace the snowflake.

4Stick the templates to the outside of the window. Always do this on the ground floor of your house. If you do this on a higher floor, make sure there is a balcony that you can go out to and stick the templates on the window.
4Using the glitter fabric glue tube, trace the shape of the snowflakes slowly. This step takes a lot of time, so you can even take a break between drawing your snowflakes.

4Make sure you start from top to bottom and left to right (right to left if you are a left hander) when you are drawing the snowflakes. This way you won't accidentally touch the wet glue of a completed snowflake and smudge it.
4Remove the templates and let the glue dry. You can reuse the templates to draw more snowflakes.
4Once the snowflakes are dry, the glitter will sparkle whenever light touches them, giving you a sparkly snowflake. They will last for a very long time until you remove them from your window.



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