Raining cats and dogs

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By 2017-11-26

By Priyangwada Perera

Sara heard the phone ringing. Just when she was about to get up to answer, her mother picked up. "Hello...Kusum, I was just about to call you. No worries, it's good that you are not coming this way. It's raining cats and dogs." Sara crooked her ears when she heard her mother saying this. What? She got up immediately. The pieces of paper that she was cutting, fell down from her lap. Sara ran out doors. Surely, she cannot miss this. If it was raining cats and dogs, there was no way she could stay inside. She had to see this.

"May be if I am lucky, I can catch a nice little puppy or a kitten," Sara was full of hope. It was raining heavily. She could hardly look up. Big fat rain drops that were falling half an hour ago had changed to buckets of water. Her mother who was still on the phone, did not know that Sara had gone out. After assuring aunty Kusum that she is lucky to have decided against coming that day, Sara's mother looked out from the window.

She saw Sara running from one end of the garden to the other. Sara was getting drenched. Her mother could not make out what her daughter was doing. In the heavy rain, Sara kept looking at the sky. Turning her head up, it looked like Sara waited for something. Her mother quickly ended her conversation with aunty Kusum, ran to the garden, shouting to Sara at the top of her voice. "Sara, what on earth are you doing? COME IN, this very minute!"

Sara was busy looking for something behind a rose bush and her mother had to drag her out of the flower bed. The little girl looked like a wet rose. Her mother was so angry. But this was not the moment to scold her. It was still raining and the both of them were getting wet. Well, Sara was already drenched to her bones. Her mother was quick to dry her hair and get her to change into dry clothes. It was still raining hard but Sara's mother was louder than the rain. "You had just recovered from a week-long flu. Sara, what were you thinking? Do you want to miss your term tests? I can't believe you ran in the rain. What on earth were you thinking," she continued. "But Mom, I heard what you said to aunty Kusum. I had to go out to get my cat or dog. You know I always wanted a kitten or a puppy. I could not believe my luck when I heard you saying it was raining cats and dogs," Sara went on.

Her mother could not help smiling. But she also felt sorry for Sara. "Darling, that is what we say when it is raining heavily. We also call it 'pouring cats and dogs'. That does not mean cats and dogs are falling from the sky for real. It only means it is a heavy downpour or heavy rain." Sara's face clouded. But her mother's next words brought a new smile. "I was discussing with Dad about buying you a puppy. Let's see. If it actually rained cats and dogs, were you expecting a garden full of puppies and kittens?" Yes, her mother had a point. Sara paused for a moment and imagined their garden full of yelping puppies and barking dogs and meowing cats with their naughty kittens. In a way, Sara was relieved that she did not have to deal with a garden full of cats and dogs. "These sudden thunder showers will go on till December, they say," her father entered the house. More cats and dogs tomorrow, Sara thought to herself.



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