Amitabh Bachchan is my all time favourite

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By 2017-12-03

By Menaka Indrakumar

With the recent release of the Tamil investigative thriller 'Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru', Abhimanyu Singh is riding high on the success of his role as the villainous Oma .

His career in the Indian film industry spans more than 10 years, having acted in many multilingual movies. The actor's role in 'Rakta Charitra' was praised and compared to the works of Heath Ledger in 'The Dark Knight'. Having worked with some of India's top and finest actors and directors, the journey hasn't been easy for him.

The actor in conversation with Glamour, discussed about movies, roles and co-actors.

How was it working with Karthi in 'Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru'?

It was an amazing experience working with Karthik. He is hard working and focused. Always tries to work towards the betterment of the scene, he makes the co-actors feel comfortable.

Did you meet the real Theeran Thirumaran?

Unfortunately, I couldn't meet the real Theeran.

Do you feel bad about being typecast as villain most of the time?

Fortunately, I am getting quite a few roles that are different, light-hearted and positive right now. An actor has to wait for his time. I hope to portray various kinds of characters in my career.

Your role in 'Rakta Charitra' is compared to Heath Ledger's Joker in 'The Dark Knight'? Comment.
It really felt great. Heath Ledger was an extraordinary actor. I think the comparison is not right. He was far more talented than me . I miss him.

Three things about Vijay, Vikram, Suriya, Raveer, Aishwarya, Amitabh Bachchan and Hrithik .
Vijay is reserved, passionate and a fine actor.
Vikram is compassionate, sociable and a good actor.
Suriya is sweet, helping and a great performer.
Ranveer Singh is energetic, lovely and an entertainer.
Aishwarya Rai is beautiful, charming and supportive.
Amitabh Bachchan sir is a genius, great and a legend.
Hrithik is hard working, good looking and an achiever.

The movie TAO was shot in extreme conditions, how did you manage?

Somehow I managed. I had to condition myself mentally. All of us had to work very hard and cope with the extreme weather conditions. It was a team effort that helped us in managing with these extreme conditions. We were getting dehydrated, so we kept drinking water and juices. Before the summer we had to face cold weather. We were using thermal and warm clothes. I was thinking about my character Oma, his rough and tough nature. Keeping that in mind I was able to fight the cold weather.

Was it tough working with Director Vinoth?

No, not at all! On the contrary, he is a blessing in disguise. He pays a lot of attention to detail of each character. Then gives so much input, that feel so lucky to work with him.

Vinoth gives you the freedom and confidence to go ahead and do what you feel like. In return you must get into the right character. His aim is to always get the best out of you, and invest a lot of energy and time on the actors.

How was it working with Sridevi, and we hear that she got a couple of slaps from you?

It was an unbelievable experience working with Sridevi Kapoor. She is a brilliant actress and a very caring human being. Courageous and hardworking; in Georgia it was minus nine degrees of temperature; she held her ground and delivered a fine performance. There is so much to learn from her.

Sridevi is very co operative and being such a big star still behaves so normal with her co actors. She reigned the industry, and still is and timeless. I did not slap her, but in a couple of shots she sustained injuries.

Did you want to be an actor?

No, I didn't want to become an actor from the beginning. It was after my graduation when I started to watch plays and wanted to do some theatre. Once I got into theatre there was no looking back. I ended up pursuing it for eight years. Simultaneously, I started getting a few offers for television serials so I accepted them.

Thus, my journey as an actor began and now I find myself doing films. I guess it was destiny because I come from a non filmy background. I still have a long way to go. An actor's journey is far more interesting than his final destination.

Out of the actors you have worked with who is your favourite?

Amitabh Bachchan is my all time favourite. I was lucky enough to work with in my initial days. In my first film 'Aks', I share screen pace with him.

One actor and actress you want work with, and why?
One actor I want to work with has to be Rajnikant. I have been an ardent fan of his since childhood and I really respect him for being so real, simple and kind .
Actress would be Tabu, as she is extremely talented and is gorgeous.

The actors who have inspired you?

They are Amitabh Bachchan, Rajnikant, Kamal Hassan, Vinod Khanna, Ajithkumar, Nana Patekar and Om Puri.

The villains who have inspired you?

Amjad Khan ( Gabbar Singh) Amrish Puri ( Mogambo) and Kulbhushan Kharbanda ( Shakal) .

Will you be working in more Tamil films?

Yes absolutely; I m hoping to work in the best and the biggest of Tamil films. I am thankful to the Tamil audience and Tamil industry for liking my acting in Tao and acknowledging my talent.

How was it working with Sanjay Leela Bhansali and in Ram Leela?

Working with Sanjay Leela Bhansali was quite an experience on its own. In one word, he is a genius. He is born to make big cinemas, and he thinks big and sees big . He is big. He is having true sense of cinema knowledge.

He knows acting technicalities, music and dance. Having the knowledge of colour combinations, what a complete director he is. He takes the actors into a different, soon as the actors set foot into the sets. He gets angry when you don't deliver but will become your fan forever if you act well and give what he wants. Shooting for 'Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela' was epic.

Your future projects?

My future projects are 'Genius' in Hindi and 'Oxygen' in Telugu.



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