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At the dawn of the Christmas season, where the hustle and bustle is yet to begin, I am going to share with you a recipe for a perfect Christmas breakfast made with turkey - one of the most essential meats during the season. You may have plans to prepare Turkey for Christmas dinner, but I am not going to prevent you from making a mouthwatering turkey for the celebration. If you think it is too early to shop for turkey meat, after reading the recipe you may feel like you are not. You do not need to buy the entire turkey to prepare this gooey sandwich. You can make the dish with turkey bacon as the name suggests. Turkey bacon can be made at home but if you think it is convenient, you can buy them in the super market.

The Turkey Bacon Avocado Grilled Cheese is rich in texture and has a lot of flavours.
Although turkey is associated largely with Christmas season and Christmas dinners, the use of turkey in breakfast during the holiday season may be a new experience. Turkey can be a perfect protein to give you the required energy for the rest of your day when you are supposed to complete all chores by yourself.

The Turkey Tradition in Christmas Season
Roasted turkey is a traditional Christmas dish without which people think the Christmas dinners are not completed. Have you ever wondered how this bird came to your Christmas dinner plate where as there are many meats out there to feast on? It is the tradition. Christmas is filled with old traditions and roasting turkey is also one of the age old traditions. It is said that turkey was introduced as a Christmas dinner 500 years ago during the period of King Henry VII. He is said to be the first to enjoy a turkey Christmas dinner and King Edward had made the eating of turkey a fashionable tradition.

However, turkey became popular when the farmers in ancient England found out that they could save their valuable domestic animals such as cows and chickens to produce milk and egg, if they switch their taste to turkey. That is how the tradition of roasting turkeys came into existence during Christmas feasting. It is also said that the ancient British farmers prepared special Christmas dinners with roasted geese prior to the introduction of turkey to the Christmas dinner so that they did not have to kill their chickens.

Turkey Bacon
Although bacon is made of pork, Turkey Bacon is made of turkey which is a perfect replacement for bacon made of pork. Turkey bacon is low in fat and calories in comparison to its pork counterpart and is healthier than the common bacon. Turkey bacon is made of cured, formed, smoked and thinly sliced turkey. Turkey bacon can be made at home and it is available at the market as well. Turkey bacon can be easily made at home and this is how it is made.

You can make turkey bacon using an oven, microwave or a skillet.
If you make the turkey bacon using an oven, bake the turkey bacon strips on a sheet pan at 400 degrees for about 15-20 minutes. You can flip the bacon strips while they are being baked in the oven. If you prefer spicing up your bacon, you can sprinkle white pepper and salt on top of the slices before they are kept in the oven to bake.

If you prefer making the turkey bacon in a skillet this is how it is made. Heat a skillet on a medium high heat and add olive oil. Add the turkey bacon strips and cook them for about 10 minutes while flipping them regularly. You can also deep fry the turkey bacon and avoid the sticking of the strips to the pan.

So, let's make and enjoy a toothsome gooey sandwich this weekend to give a good start to the celebrations!
You will need the following:

Sliced multi grained bread
Cooked turkey bacon strips
Mozzarella cheese
Basil leaves
Apply butter on each side of the multi grained bread. Place the bread slice in the medium high heat skillet and layer with mozzarella cheese. Place a turkey bacon strip. Top up with a chopped avocado piece, tomato and basil leaves. Cook the sandwich until golden brown and the cheese begins to melt. It will take about four to five minutes to cook the sandwich and if you want to speed up the melting of cheese, cover the skillet with a lid. Turn the sandwich upside down and cook for another four to five minutes until you feel that the sandwich is fully cooked.

You can serve or have the sandwich as it is or cut it in half.
Enjoy a cheesy grilled sandwich with the meaty taste of turkey bacon and the buttery taste of avocado this Christmas season.



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