Kurumba Fusion

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By 2017-12-03

By Zainab Faizal

Kurumba Fusion is the latest addition to the healthy snacks and shakes made available in CMB!
I spoke to the owner who's a young gentleman that had always been pushed to go for the healthy alternative as a kid and that is exactly what made him kickstart Kurumba Fusion.

With the easy availability of king coconuts in the country at decent prices, it is the perfect alternative to water and sugar when it comes to making some of his delicious juices and the mind blowing fruit bowls and cups which mind you, you can build on your own!
A fun and funky interior and comfortable seating, to the decent location - Kurumba Fusion is going to be on our go to list in CMB for a quick snack attack or simply to quench one's thirst!

Here's what I checked out:
Valley Girl - A refreshing blend of pineapple, Naarang and of course the Kurumba! Not too thick, not too watery and all the flavours well retained within; plus it doesn't taste gross like most no sugar, no water drinks and you can actually end up craving for this beauty. I bet it's called Valley Girl for a good darn reason!

Fruit Bowl - here's how to work this out!
Base 1 - You take your pick from a Mango, Papaya or Avocado base (I chose the mango and, boy it was absolutely yummy!)
Base 2 - You pick two from the heavy load! You get to choose from watermelon, apple, pineapple and banana
Base 3 - The light load allows you to take our pick from passion, star fruit, grapes and pomegranate!



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