When endowed with Gajakeshari yoga

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By 2017-12-03

Prof. Hemapala Pathirana

Gajakeshari Yoga occurs when Mars is exalted in Capricorn. Aries and Scorpio are the two Swakshetra Rashis of Mars. When Mars is powerfully placed in an auspicious House in the natal chart of a subject, automatically good results will follow.

When you compare the sixth, seventh and the eleventh Houses, Mars seems to be most favourable towards them. When analyzing the fifth, ninth and tenth positions further, they too bring auspicious results. In making a thorough analysis it seems that when the third, sixth and the eleventh Houses in the birth chart are occupied by powerful planets Gajakeshari Yoga occurs.
When analyzing Gajakeshari Yoga further there is evidence that this gives much auspicious results. The Auspicious combinations of planets, not only affect human beings but fauna and flora as well.

You must have heard about Pokuru(cluster) Yogas. These are highly effective to materialize nature's bounty of fruits. If you are thinking of getting a bountiful harvest of yams and fruits, the above Pokuru Yogas need to be utilized when planting them. When trees like banana and coconut are planted under such Yogas, they may give harvests to your satisfaction. Those who are engaged in animal husbandry will gain much if their projects are launched at such auspicious timings.

Those who are born under Gajakeshari Yoga are normally associated with affluence. They possess wealth and power. They will make gains through metals such as gold, silver, and copper as well as pearls. The females will find a husband of stature and lead a comfortable life. Those who were born under Gajakesari Yoga may be highly competent in various fields and have the skills to make gains. They are alien to scarcity. Sadness is not known to them. When one examines the world he will see that wealthy mine owners of gems and diamonds, graphite, and other minerals who enjoy living in palatial houses have been born under this Yoga. The planet that is closely associated with this yoga is Mars. Mars is the ruler of minerals found from earth. Those who have gained power from Mars have valour, dynamism and courage as Mars represents bravery and courage. A prominent feature of Gajakeshari Yoga is incorrigible courage.

If Aries is in the 11th House, the subject is born to Gemini. Mars is Swakshetra in the 11th Rashi under Aries and this causes Gajakeshari Yoga. When Mars is in its optimum power in the 3rd House of Aquarius under Aries also forms Gajakeshari Yoga.



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