5 Ways to Use a Blank Notebook

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By 2017-12-06

Compiled by Shani Asokan
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There are a number of different ways to use those notebooks and journals you have lying around the house. If you are a stationery hoarder like I am, you probably have a whole bunch of notebooks, varying in size and style on hand.

1. Plan Something

Whether it is tracking your daily events or weekly tasks, writing down a list of things of things to do always comes in handy. Not only will it help you keep track of everything going on in your life, but it will also help you in the future, if you need to know when something happened. Another way of doing this is to jot down a couple of sentences about your day, recording all the important things that happen. This isn't really a journal to pour all your thoughts into, but rather a place to keep track of things.

Another way of putting this planner to use is to keep track of your time. You can break up your day into either ten-minute blocks or hourly blocks depending on your schedule, and use either a colour coded system or grid to plan out your tasks, dedicating a specific amount of time to each one so that you can maximize the use of your time efficiently. This is especially useful if you are a student who needs to plan out a study schedule, but works well for anyone with deadlines to meet.

If you're not really into the commitment of planning out every day, you can still put this notebook to good use. Plan a party or a wedding! Use the notebook as a place to keep track of everything. From guest lists to menus or colour swatches, you will find that just having everything in one location makes planning your event a lot more efficient.

2. Journal

Pour out all those thoughts and feelings you've been sitting on! Use this as your place to write about your day, vent, or even just let your imagination run wild. You could even use it as a place to record all the things that you are grateful for each day. This is called a gratitude log. Listing all the things you are thankful for really helps bring more positivity into your life and can be used to reflect upon on a particularly bad day.

Another fun way to fill up a journal is to use it as a hub for all your favourite quotes. These can be anything from inspirational quotes to quotes from books and movies. You can build a collection over time!

If you're someone who is constantly writing open letters to people in your head, use the journal to write them down. Writing down the thoughts and feelings you can say to someone in person really helps get them out of your system. To modify a popular saying, out on a page, out of mind!

3. Track Everything

If you're super health conscious, or suffer from any ailments or illnesses that require medication, track them here! Even if it's your daily course of vitamins, having a log will help you to take them on schedule without fail.

You can also use this journal to track your fitness journey, by writing down your workouts and other fitness routines. It is especially useful if you are using a fitness plan that requires you to do a certain amount of workouts a week, or specific workouts on specific days.

You can even use it as a general habit tracker, and keep track of everything you want to do more regularly. Having it written down in the form of a colour-coded grid or task list will motivate you to do it more.

4. Recipe Log

If you are one of those adventurous souls who likes messing around in the kitchen, maybe this is the perfect use for the notebooks you have laying around. Not only can you write down all those recipes you find online and always forget to try out, but you can also create your own recipes and have them saved all in one place!

We all have those recipes that we whip up on a whim – the ones that end up tasting amazing, but can only be made once because no one ever remembers what went into them. Here's a solution to all those forgotten recipes; write them down as you go and soon you will have a notebook full of recipes to try out whenever you wish to!

5. Travel Journal

A travel journal is versatile, it depends on the type of traveller you are. Personally, I can be a bit of a hoarder, I collect anything from ticket stubs and receipts to napkins and brochures from places I visit and have them all taped or clipped onto my travel journal because I like the visual memories of places I have visited. Others prefer to write about their travels, documenting things they see and experience. You could even print out some pictures from your trip and add it to the page.

If you're not into documenting your travels on paper, you could still use the notebook to create a bucket list, writing down all the places you want to see and things you want to do on your trips. Crossing something off your bucket list is such a satisfying feeling! The biggest advantage of having your bucket list written down is that you can carry it around with you and have access to it anytime, even if you travel somewhere remote with no access to electronics.



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