Sports Minister threatens to dissolve SLC

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By 2017-12-07

Minister of Sports Dayasiri Jayasekera yesterday threatened to dissolve the Sri Lankan Cricket Board if it does not carry out necessary steps to reform Sri Lankan Cricket and to ensure that the administration of the game runs smoothly.

"In the eight years the game was administered by various interim committees, the structures that ensure we have good players, i.e. domestic cricket, deteriorated. The domestic cricket tournaments have collapsed. The various cricket clubs wield power over the Cricket Board and administrators are afraid to offend these clubs fearing that they will lose their votes at elections," he said.

Jayasekera added that as a measure of improving domestic cricket, a number of senior and much respected former players have recommended that Tier A and B teams should play together in one tournament.

The Sports Minister added that the Ministry plans to devolve power to the provinces because currently any player who wants to make a mark needs to come to Colombo.

"We want to give more facilities to the four provinces, i.e. Central, Western, Southern and North Central, which we have divided the country into. For example, we want to give an international quality ground for each province to play club cricket because currently these matches are played in small grounds in the outstation," he said.

The Sports Minister added that the objective is to select a pool of 20–25 players from each of the four provinces so that national selectors are better able to observe all potential players. He added that steps will also be taken to reduce the number of votes given to cricket clubs in a bid to reduce the pressure exerted on the cricket administrators by these clubs. "We need to reduce the number of votes to 75 from over 140. Right now Cricket Board officials are afraid to offend these clubs because they need their votes at the time of elections. We also need to improve the fitness of the players. I will sort out these issues next year and if the SLC can't get its act together, I will dissolve it," he said.



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