Intl support will be used for development

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By 2017-12-07

President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday (6) laid the foundation stone for the National Nephrology Specialized Hospital in Polonnaruwa, gifted by the People's Republic of China, to be constructed at a cost of Rs 12,000 million.

The hospital, which fulfills the President's long term dream to serve the people who suffer from kidney diseases, is Asia's biggest such hospital. It will be built at the 28 Mile Post, close to the Polonnaruwa General Hospital.

The facilities of the hospital include those for kidney transplant surgeries, blood dialysis services, clinical services, laboratory services and counselling services. The hospital includes a basic treatment unit, an out patients' department, wards with 200 beds to treat in-patients, 100 blood dialysis beds, facilities for surgeries with modern technology, two intensive care units and a blood bank.

Speaking on the occasion, the President said that the international cooperation and friendship earned by the country would be fully utilized to achieve the development goals of Sri Lanka.

"Throughout the last three years I succeeded in winning the international cooperation which had not been earned by the country in the recent past. Hence there had been a major threat to the development and the future of the country. The international recognition for our motherland was well evident during my State visits. Though some groups are disgracing the current Government, a huge transformation has occurred in the development of our country today. Sectors of agriculture, education, health and drinking water are experiencing comprehensive development now," he said.

The President gratefully recalled the assistance given by the government of China as a friendly State. He thanked the Chinese government for this special gift offered to Sri Lanka as a result of the discussions he had with Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2015 in China.

President Sirisena also laid the foundation stone for the Trauma Treatment Complex to be built at the Polonnaruwa General Hospital. This will consist of a rheumatic and rehabilitation unit, the physiotherapy unit and the rheumatic and nerve medical unit.
This is to be built in 548 days at a cost of Rs 400 million under Pibidemu Polonnaruwa District Development Programme.



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