Despite Trump’s Jerusalem pronouncement Palestine to continue diplomatic relations

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By 2017-12-07

The State of Palestine will continue to maintain diplomatic relationships with other countries, including Sri Lanka, despite the United States' recent move to rule in favour of Israel in the capital conundrum revolving around Jerusalem.

Palestinian State Ministry of Foreign Affairs issuing a press communiqué to the Sri Lankan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, emphasized that in light of the recent remarks of US President's Chief Adviser Jared Kushner and US President Donald Trump's potential announcement next Wednesday (13) regarding Jerusalem, the Ministry will continue 'its diplomatic moves towards all regional and international parties to avoid such a declaration, because of its grave and unprecedented repercussions on the chances of re-launching the peace process between the Palestinian and Israeli sides, and on security and stability in the entire region.'

The Ministry affirms that the Palestinian side will continue its readiness to cooperate with the American administration to resume negotiations, adding that the resolution of the Palestinian - Israeli conflict was the real gateway to achieving peace and stability in the region.

Furthermore, the Ministry called upon President Trump's administration to make decisions compatible with the rights of the Palestinian people, which require an American commitment to the international legal process to resolve the final status issues, particularly the issue of Jerusalem. The Ministry has requested the US administration to preserve the 'deal of the century', warning of the dangers of taking such a stance regarding Jerusalem.

The press communiqué comes in the eve of US President Trump who on Tuesday (05) revealed that he intended to recognise Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, through the transition of the US Embassy to the controversial area.



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