Valuers threaten strike Will bring ongoing projects to a halt

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By 2017-12-08

By Rathindra Kuruwita

The Government Valuers' Association (GVA) has threatened to go on strike, which in turn will bring the activities of the Central Expressway, the Uma Oya Project, the Matara-Mattala Expressway, the Ruwanpura Expressway and other special projects to a halt, if their demands are not met within a week.

Speaking to the media yesterday (7), General Secretary of the GVA, D.M. Seneviratne said, the Government needs to value a number of components of a project for a project to continue and that their withdrawal from work will start affecting economic activity.
"We have already stopped all the field work that takes a lot of time. These include the valuation of State assets, local authority rates, and others. And if we do not get our demands within a week, we will leave all other duties bringing the valuation and reclamation processes to a standstill," he said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Secretary of the GVA, Neville Premasiri Goluhewage, added that successive Governments had been attempting to undermine the Department of Valuation and had attempted to bring in private valuers to carry out the valuations of Government assets.

"The structure of the Department is such that it is almost impossible to overvalue or undervalue an asset or an income. However, when private valuers are brought in there are many ways that officials and politicians can embezzle money. That is why many politicians claim that we undervalue a property. The truth is that we have measured the actual value, not an inflated figure," he said.
Goluhewage added, the Cabinet of Ministers on December 2014 had decided to restructure the Department to increase the number of valuers so, that the Government is able to value properties across the country in a timely manner. "However, our Chief Valuer is not interested in solving these issues. The only thing she is interested in is promoting her henchmen. We demand that the Government implements the Cabinet proposal that has already been passed and to stop attempts to privatize the service," he said.



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