Greedy officials hamper holding AGM

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By 2017-12-08

By Karuppiah Ramakrishnan

The Annual General Meeting of the Sri Lanka Cycling Federation (SLCF) has been postponed once again to 18 December. This is the third time the election has been postponed and several reasons have been given, said a source to Ceylon Today.
The most significant incident was the rejection of the nomination of a candidate for the post of Vice President without any proper reason, which was totally against the Right of Information act.

Out of 34, 22 nominations were rejected without submitting any proper reason. Ceylon Today learns those nominations were rejected according to the agenda of present President Dr. Amal Harsha. He further said the President has not even conducted the AGM of SLCF for 2016 as the audited financial report was not ready, yet his nomination has been accepted to contest at the next AGM.
Meanwhile, the same fate has befallen Sri Lanka Badminton Association (SLBA) as well. Due to being greedy to cling on to positions, the SLBA is now facing an international ban and still no proper diplomatic steps have been taken by the Ministry of Sports. Badminton players fear they will not be able to participate at the forthcoming Commonwealth Games.

On the other side, Sri Lanka Gymnastic Association's (SLGA) mismanagement has affected the athletes, who also have doubts whether they will be able to participate at the CWG. The President of SLGA had also included his son to represent the team at the CWG directly violating the sports law wilfully.

An investigation reveals office bearers of all three Sports Associations were never involved in the respective sport nationwide but are greedy for positions and directly violating the sports law on purpose without any concern for the athletes who are passionate about their respective sport. Finally, it is the athletes who are paying for these office bearers' intentional mismanagement.
The Ministry of Sports has still not taken any proper action regarding these people who are destroying the sports for their personnel agendas and Minister of Sports should also keep an eye on these problems.



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