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By 2017-12-10

By Ashoke Priyadarshana

Psychology was under the shade of philosophy a long time before it became a separate subject under the work of Wilhelm Wundt who established a scientific laboratory on behalf of the subject. Since then, it has become more scientific through research and more objective data could be brought forward into the field as a result. Psychology refers to the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour; thus, psychologists tend to conduct research in relation to the mind and behaviour in particular.

Though many are prone to discuss 'Counselling Psychology,' there are many branches in Psychology such as Developmental Psychology, Sports Psychology, Forensic Psychology and many more. Counselling Psychology has been more popular among them all perhaps due to its global utility. None of us are free from psychological difficulties; thus, Counselling Psychology would be helpful for anyone who is in need of professional guidance to overcome such difficulties. In addition, individuals are susceptible to mental disorders, and those suffering from neurotic disorders could seek the assistance of Counselling Psychology.

Counselling Psychologists have a sound knowledge in relation to the problems that a person is undergoing, and he/she would use an accepted scientific approach to overcome the difficulties of that person. There is a misconception that Counselling Psychologists only listen to the client and give guidance. Their duty is way beyond mere listening and they are required to practice well before dealing with clients. There are many approaches in the field of counselling of which a trainee must be well aware of. 'Counselling Approach' refers to a scientific perspective used to address the causes behind certain psychological disorders and possible solutions to overcome them. One approach seems to be different from another. For instance, Sigmund Freud who is considered the founder of the Psychoanalytic Approach believes that psychological disorders are caused by suppressed motives and if they are uncovered and brought into conscious level, the person may recover. He has used 'hypnotism,' 'dream analysis' and various other techniques. Though the teachings of Freud are questioned and criticized by many, some of his techniques such as hypnotism and couch therapy are still in use.

In addition, there are many approaches such as Behaviouristic Approach, Humanistic and Existential Approach, Cognitive Behavioural Approach, Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy, Biological Approach and many other later approaches. They are used to address the issues of the client from different perspectives. Therefore, one should not feel that the prime task of a Counselling Psychologist is to listen to the client. A Counselling Psychologist is not a passive listener, but he perceives the client's issue from a scientific point of view. Besides, Counselling Psychologists are bound to a code of ethics where they are not allowed to form any casual or secret relationship with the client and they are not permitted to share information with another without the consent of the client. Thus, one should not worry to consult a professional Counselling Psychologist when needed.

Existential therapists express that there are 'givens' in life such as loneliness, meaninglessness, death and so forth. Therefore, we as human beings are in a constant struggle with those givens in life. Some are capable of moving forward amidst so called 'givens' whereas some are disheartened by them. There are many instances in our lives where we have fallen apart. There can be situations which we are not able to deal with. One's psychological equilibrium might be lost due to certain traumatic life events. Some who are incapable of dealing with such situations might commit suicide as a solution. As seen in the country, the number of suicidal incidents have increased by leaps and bounds. Clinical Psychologists point out that ones suffering from severe depression might be prone to commit suicide; which means, there is no proper mechanism to tackle their depressive tendencies. It is seen in common that people in the country seem to be reluctant to participate in counselling therapies perhaps there is a notion in society that those with a lunatic mentality (my apologies for using the word) only go for counselling. It should be borne in mind that Counselling Psychology is for all human beings out there. There can be situations where mere therapies won't work. In such situations, Counselling Psychologists would join hands with psychiatrists who generally approach the patients from a biological perspective. Sometimes, medication ought to be given depending on the patient's condition along with suitable psychotherapies.

Therefore, if you are a person who is undergoing psychological disturbance or if you assume that you might be under a psychological disorder, never hesitate to consult a professional Counselling Psychologist.



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