Silvia Senanayake Dazzles at Mrs. Asia International

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By 2017-12-10

By Shanith Fernando

In conversation with Silvia, one cannot look away from the beautiful dusky skin gaze and those mesmerizing eyes that transcend one into a magical world of a beauty queen in all her grandeur. Poise, elegance, charm and simplicity with a youthful manner to her communication, she is that woman who can transfix a man into believing that a married woman with an eight year old son can still remain youthfully young, despite enormous amounts of responsibility.Sarita, talks to Glamour about fashion, style and life.

Silvia tell us in brief, of your childhood dreams and aspirations, and whether those played a part in getting you to where you are today?

A. Shanith to be honest, I was always keen on representing Sri Lanka from a very young age. However, coming from a family where my elder sister was one of the top models this country had, and having seen her pave her path as fashion model, naturally I believe I had the inherent ability and my aim in becoming a Miss. / Mrs. Sri lanka one day to represent this beautiful country, at an international pageant. Hence, though born and bred in Italy, I always wanted to be here and be a citizen of my country.

Even while in school, you were quite the focused girl weren't you?

A. Well to a certain degree I agree with you. Education and its value was always my priority. Even today, while being a mother to an eight year old son, I am reading for my LLB and expect to graduate soon.

Apart from the interesting and responsible role of a mother, how did this Mrs. Sri Lanka for Mrs. Asia International come about?
A, Shanith, you know it well, back in 2000, when you asked me to model for a TV program along with my sister, I was keen then but due to my education I could not take part in that show. So to speak, I did have an inclination towards being a beauty pageant winner for a long time but life took different turns. Through all that, I did not give up on my dreams and this year was that correct time. I finally put my heart and soul into it and I took part in two local pageants. Mrs. Sri Lanka for Mrs. Universe – I became Runner-Up, and in Mrs. Sri Lanka for Mrs. Asia I won the title and represented my country.

What victory did you bring back home from Mrs. Asia 2017 grand finale in Shanghai China?

A. I was able to win two titles - Dazzling bright and Best Performance.

Let's talk about your fitness regime and how you maintain your looks and figure?

A. I have trained, myself, over the years to be a strict disciplinarian. I work out under the supervision of my gym instructors, I control my eating habits, drink plenty of water, I swim and I read, pay close attention to skin and hair care. I commit myself into giving my body and mind the total pampering.

After a dry run of almost 62 years, since Maureen Hingert won 2nd Runners up at Miss. Universe, Christina Peiris of Sri Lanka was able to make it to the top 16 at the recently concluded Miss. Universe pageant in Las Vegas , USA.

What is your opinion on that great victory at the world's most prestigious beauty pageant?

A. I am absolutely thrilled and proud of Christina. She has proven that girls today have evolved, they maintain themselves, and are forward because they are on the go and have a vision and an aim. It is wonderful to see her hard work, determination has enabled her to make a platform for herself and many young girls today, to dream high and make those dreams a reality.

What did you gather from your local as well as the international pageant experience?

A. The biggest lessons I learnt from this entire experience was perseverance, hard work definitely pays off, patience, getting along with people of different cultures and creeds and customs, to appreciate people of all walks of life and most importantly to realize my own inner potential and the determination that one would need to have to be a winner in life no matter what circumstances you face.

What is your aim and plans for the future for yourself and for the industry?

A. My personal goal in life is to complete my LLB and be of service to many. I aim to start up or support a finishing school where young women can ensure they learn the tricks of the trade well, in personal grooming and the process of development in all aspects of life so that they can have a better quality of life , and good performance in the work place or in any chosen field..

As we wrap up, Silvia what is your last thought for the day for all our readers?

A. This was a big learning curve for my son. As a young boy, he was my biggest fan, support and encouragement. He has evolved into a child who is compassionate, caring and loving towards his mother. He has learnt the truth that a mother though beautiful physically can also be a queen, a winner in many career fields and have personal accomplishments and also be that dedicated mother she still has to be.

He has learnt that a mother's priorities will not change but her personal goals will also be accomplished with determination. It was heart warming to have so many wonderful people supporting me and encouraging me throughout. I am thankful to my son, my family, my gym instructors from fitness club Moratuwa, Dulani, Gerald Solomons and Lucky Susil for all the guidance and support, Kamil Hewavitharana for the wardrobe, my close circle of friends and Shanith, you, for your unwavering support and encouragement.
Finally, National Director Vishwa and Arjuna and Nilu Senanayake for the lovely training.

Clothes Designed by- Shanith Fernando
Hair and Makeup- Gerald Solomons of Chagall



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