Vastu defects and bathrooms

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By 2017-12-10

By Sanjeeva Kumara Rangalla

Bathroom is a major component of a house. In the past toilets and bathrooms were build apart from the main house. Today the situation is different. The trend today is to build the bathroom attached to the house and in many cases bathrooms are attached to each room.

There is no specific issue connected with the construction of bathrooms. However Vastu energy may diminish and all dynamic forces of the house may recede if they are weighing down the main sections of the house due to defective directions.

The house should not be negatively affected by placing the bathrooms in the North-east and the South-west. The Centre of the house should not be weighed down. The suitable directions to build bath rooms are North-west, South-east, West and South. But when building in the West and the South there are factors that need special attention.
Although a bathroom is properly located, if its drainage system runs underneath the house, it would be highly defective to the house and the premises.

The bathroom should not be made in the corners of the house. They should not be placed above the foundation stone as well. If it happens, delays may take place in the completion of the construction and may cause health problems to the inhabitants. However the main directions are not affected when building attached bathrooms.

The inhabitants of large houses where adequate attention to this aspect was not given have faced many problems. Therefore thinking only of the convenience and beauty is not a wise thing to do. Out of these directions building in the South-west and North-east will increase the intensity of negative influences.

By building a bathroom in an improper place may cause health problems such as heart disease and nervous problems. Lack of divine grace and Vastu energy may attract evil energy. One might find such energy disrupting all spheres of activity and the situation may prove to be out of control.



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