Are you endowed with Pancha Maha PurushaYoga?

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By 2017-12-10

By Susil Premachandra

Angular houses in a birth chart are considered highly important since planets such as Mercury, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn located in such houses could result in 'Pancha Maha Purusha Yoga'. These Yogas are resulted when aforementioned planets are exalted or in the form of 'Swakshetra' in angular houses.

Ruchaka Yoga
Ruchaka Yoga is formed by powerful Mars and Mars being powerfully located in an angular house results in this Yoga. Those who are endowed with this yoga are considered brave and courageous; thus, their impetus to move forward cannot be obstructed. Persons with such strong traits are much suitable for security forces. Some individuals with this powerful Yoga are engaged in industries related to mine and minerals whereas others engage in agriculture on a large scale. Fortune always comes after these individuals.

Badhra Yoga
Powerful Mercury forms 'BadhraYoga'; and the persons endowed with this Yoga are considered as clever at academics and also known as skillful orators. They seem to be rich in terms of intellectuality. Individuals driven by this Yoga are fortunate to become doctors, astrologers, lawyers, lecturers, authors, journalists and teachers.

Malavi Yoga
Malavi Yoga is formed when Venus, the beauty of the zodiac is powerfully located in an angular house. Personality traits such as sociability and truthfulness are seen in common among those who are endowed with this Yoga. In addition, they tend to be artistic and elated in most situations. They are fortunate to experience luxuries in life and there is no shortage of physical comfort. Persons with this Yoga might be employed in textile industry.

Sasa Yoga
Sasa Yoga is formed when Saturn is powerfully located in an angular house. Persons with this Yoga are said to enjoy longevity and are fortunate to grasp public attention and civil power. Persons blessed by this Yoga are suitable for politics and are sensitive to the poor. They might frequently engage themselves in meritorious deeds. They might also become popular among poor people.

You yourself can now observe if you are endowed with one of the aforementioned Yogas. Beneficial effects of those Yogas are experienced only when the main and interim periods are auspicious. Auspicious outcomes of 'Pancha Maha Purusha Yoga' might be obstructed when the 22nd Derkanadhipathi is prominent; but people endowed with 'PanchaMahaPurusha Yoga' will gradually reach success.



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