Saudi Princess Ameera Aidan fights sex exploitation

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By 2017-12-10

By Dr. Lanka Siriwardene

The reporter from the Forbes Magazine told Ameera Aidan that she has taken a prominent place in her country's women's rights issues and that she was making a noise that women should be allowed to drive vehicles, and what was the reason for it? Princess Ameera despite being an Arab woman was well dressed in European attire and she replied: "This shows that women, too, have to be given their rights and allowed to practice it in public.

For an ordinary woman to keep a driver she has to incur 30 per cent from her income. Then there are reasons, such as security and privacy. In Saudi banks 70 per cent of accounts are owned by women. Today the womenfolk in Arabia have gained knowledge in spheres such as medicine, teaching and law. In the university sector, 57 per cent who study are women. But, there are many obstacles that have been placed in their path which had prevented them from benefitting through their skills. Saudi Arabia is one of the few countries in the world where women have not been authorized to drive motor vehicles. There is also no hindrance either legally or by religion for them to do so. It is these extreme negative policies that have prevented our women from achieving their potential."

Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest nations in western Asia. Its total population is 31 million, while it is also the heartland of the Muslim world.

Saudi Arabia is also noted for its extremely cruel acts of punishments being meted out such as beheading in public, severing arms and limbs and stoning to death.
The Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia is King Salman bin Abdullaiz al – Sud, while the Saudi Royal family is noted for implementing a Sunni-style of leadership.
Though around 21 million are noted for using the internet the websites, they are allowed to function under strict laws. In Saudi Arabia Twitter usage is 40 per cent.
The television medium is controlled entirely by the Government while there is no scope for the operation of private television stations.
All newspapers are censored by the Royal Family.
Princess Ameera bin Aidan bin Nayef Al –Taweel was born on 6 November 1983 in Riyadh.
As her parents got divorced when she was young, the Princess was looked after by the relatives of her mother.
She is also a degree holder of University of New Haven, Connecticut, on Business Management. Based on the Middle East CEO list, she was the most powerful woman in the world in 2012.

She was also feted as the Most Powerful Woman with a personality by the Middle East Excellence Award.
Recently, the Saudi Princess made a controversial remark to the Le Monde French Magazine related to her royal family.
She had stated that the family had turned the city of Jeddah into a slave market. She claimed that having bought underage children from overseas they were being exploited sexually.

She charged this transaction had taken place with countries such as Bangladesh, the Philippines, Nigeria, Somalia, Romania and Bulgaria.

The Saudi Princess also had mentioned Sri Lanka also as one of the countries involved in this sordid exercise. She had stated that many expat women who serve in Saudi are also sexually exploited.



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