Prof. Hapuarachchi accepts responsibility, says: ‘Mawbima’ news item is correct

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By 2017-12-10

The lead story of Sunday's Mawbima newspaper, published on 3 December, was relevant to a survey carried out on 'who will be the leader in 2020'. This news item was rejected and State media carried out a big campaign against it. All relevant information regarding this survey, conducted by Professor Ajantha Hapuarachchi, is published below.

Professor Ajantha Hapuarachchi, of the Colombo University, has said that all the information in the news item, published in the Sunday Mawbima newspaper of 3 December 2017 under the headline, '2020 Nayakaya Kawuda' is correct and that she accepts the total responsibility regarding that issue.

Professor Hapuarachchi, who explained in writing to the Mawbima, regarding that news item, had this to say:

"I totally accept the accuracy of the survey I conducted and I had no need, whatsoever, to highlight any politician or political party. No one can say that this survey is false or incorrect either. I possess the full right to it. This survey was carried out together with another student as one of my private surveys and all the data included in it came from the people of this country."

The complete statement is published below for the readers' attention.

Various rumours have been spread around regarding the survey I carried out, which was published in the Sunday Mawbima Newspaper of 3 December 2017 and the correct position has been obtained from the Colombo University as well regarding it. The facts that I should mention in connection with this issue are as follows:

The Government annually pays a research allowance to every senior lecturer, teachers and professors of universities to enable them to carry out such surveys as this one. A university is a research centre and not a school classroom. The main task that it should carry out, in addition to teaching is research.

The course unit I teach is communication and development. Here, the two components of people's participation and political development are part of sustainable development. Therefore, the political understanding of people is very specially a required and essential fact for the forward journey of a country. In this instance, the opinion of the people is integrated with the facts of humanity and social science in communication. Therefore, one objective of this survey was to find out whether information regarding the present government's development procedures and sustainable goals are being conveyed to the people or not.

This survey was also conducted to find out what the present opinion of the people was and to identify their political understanding as well as to identify their opinion regarding the leadership of the country and to identify the future leadership of this country.

Since there is no magazine even to publish the results of a survey carried out, we have to get them published in the main local newspapers of this country. Newspapers in this country are hesitant to publish survey information reports, as well.

Anyhow, this survey was one of my private surveys conducted together with another student and all the data included comes from people of this country.

I accept total responsibility regarding the accuracy of this survey and I have no need, whatsoever, to highlight any politician or political party. At the same time no one can say this survey is false or incorrect either. I possess the full right to it.



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