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By 2017-12-17

By Menka Indrakumar

She is the current star of the local television scene. After winning the Miss Sri Lanka for Miss World contest, Yureni Noshika who wanted to pursue a career in Law shifted her focus to acting. After nearly 10 years of ups and downs in the industry, she has finally got due credit for her recent acting venture in 'Koombiyo' as Hiruni. The actress and singer talks to Glamour about the success of Koombiyo, her future projects and life.

How do feel about the recent success of your career?

My recent success would be Koombiyo. It has created a huge hype. I am extremely happy, being in the industry for more than decade it's the first time Yureni Noshika has been appreciated for her work. Usually, I was known as being a gossip girl or glam doll, as opposed to being noticed for my work.

Finally, I am being noticed by veteran directors in the country, the character Hiruni I play is a huge eye-opener. I am very happy with all the feedback I am receiving and getting the right projects. In general I am happy about how my career is taking shape.

Was acting always what you wanted to do?

No, not at all. I always wanted to become a lawyer. I was very disappointed that I didn't get selected to Law College, after my A/L levels. My aim was to excel in my studies. Never in my wildest dreams did ever thought of becoming an actress.
In school I wasn't noticed for drama competition, was never the first choice. I was more into sports and studies. I was brought up in a hostel, hardly got the chance to watch TV. I didn't have any knowledge about acting and
tele-serials. The acting thing just happened.

What is the most challenging role you have done?

My first tele-series, Kindurangana. I was very new to acting and barely knew what was happening. The director said just be myself, for me that was challenging as I was standing in front of the camera for the first time.
A few years back, I did tele-drama called Sihina Cinderella, the character was tomboyish slum girl. I had to act as a strong willed and dominating girl, and had to learn how to ride a horse for three months. Getting into character was quite challenging.

The most challenging situation in your life?

If a situation arises, I don't tend to stress out. I play it very easy, take advice and try my level best to stay calm. I can't recall any situation that was challenging.

Tell us more about your character in Koombiyo, how will your character evolve?

Hiruni is a headstrong character as well as egoistic. She doesn't care about anyone. When she is in a scene, she owns it and isn't hesitant to say what she wants. Her character goes to show, that even a conman has weak point, the weak point is Hiruni.
Let's wait see. I don't want to give away anything about Hiruni's character for now. I only say it will be very interesting towards the end.

Your co-star Thumindu Dodantenna is gaining a lot of popularity. Comment.
Thumindu should have been recognized years ago. Unfortunately, the finest actors in our country don't get the due recognition for the their work. For the longest time, I think he is one of the finest actors.
This is my first time working with him, a person like him should have got this popular long time ago. I am happy that finally he is getting praised for his work.

What is your favourite television series, locally and internationally?

Internationally, One Tree Hill and Prison Break. Currently, I don't have the time to follow up on any TV Series. Very recently I caught up on some Narcos and Game of Thrones , I always found GOT to be overrated.
Locally it was Doo Daruwo and Neadayo.

One female character you want to play, one role you wish you had played?

There was this movie called Fashion in Hindi, I loved Priyanka Chopra's character. I would have loved to play that role of Meghna Mathur.

One role I want to play is an action role. I really want be a part of an action movie, something like in Angelina Jolie's movies.
After the success of the television series, are you getting good roles?

I have been approached by a few directors. Nothing is yet confirmed, there are two scripts in the pipeline, I am yet to finalize with them. Most importantly, good scripts are coming to me.

What do you think of nudity in films, music videos and photo shoots?

Nudity is very normal in the western world, it's an art. In Sri Lanka, it is still a question mark, as to how nudity will be accepted. It really depends how open-minded people are. In Sri Lanka, I don't think I will approve of going all nude for movie. For me nudity is an art. That's how I look at it. You need to be broad minded and artistic to see the beauty and art in it.

What do you think of obscene language in films?

A lot of TV series use obscene language, as it is day to day language they use. They want to relate to people. In English it's no big deal. In Sinhalese, if we use something, it will be like OMG it's so bad. I am not saying it ok to use it. But if the role or scene requires it, there is nothing wrong in it. The use of it, has its pros and cons.

What are your future projects?

I did movie called Night Rider, it's a classic one. That's yet to be released. We are planning on doing a season 2 for Koombiyo, but I'm not sure when it will be out.

I have few international projects. Will update the media as it progresses. I want to do much more work locally, now that people have seen my potential. Hope I get to be a part of good cinema and TV series.


How do you deal with criticism?

I take it with a pinch of salt. If I have given in it ear, I wouldn't have survived for 10 years. Any kind of criticism I take in the right spirit. There are pros and cons of being an actress, if you can handle praise why not criticism?
There are so many things said about me on the net, not nice things but I turn a blind eye to it. I don't pay attention at all. Productive criticism, I take it in a good way.

How do stay so young and vibrant?

Eat healthy, exercise and have a good heart, it is reflected from within. Having a clean ,good heart, is to mind your own business.

One international television series or movie you want to be a part?
I wish I was a part of One Tree Hill. Tomb Rider or any action packed, female centric movie.

Are you single?

Yes, I am. I always have been, lost count as to how long I have been single. It's very difficult to find a man, and besides that I don't get asked out. If I like someone I will be the one going down on my knees and asking him to marry me.
I am very picky, and it takes something really special to get attracted to someone.

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Location : Gandhara



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