Homemade apple & Chocolate Bodywash

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Skin is a part of the human body that needs proper nourishment just like the rest of body does. Many people neglect to treat and look after skin but later they worry when it appears old and unattractive. Others too face the same fate when skin becomes dull and lifeless due to the excessive use of beauty products made of chemicals. These chemicals are often toxic and become poisonous if they enter the body orally.

Toxic beauty products
Likewise, the some chemical beauty products can produce injurious results if they come into contact with the skin and the manufacturers and vendors of chemical beauty products often hide this fact from consumers. Some beauty products consist of highly toxic substances such as mercury, phthalates and paraben which may even cause cancer. Often the chemical and toxic substances that are present in chemical beauty products cause discolouration, aging and wrinkling of the skin with a look of lifelessness due to prolonged use. According to reports from the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in USA, reproductive and development issues have increased due to the usage of chemical personal care products.

Lack of government regulations on the sale and promotion of chemical beauty products have also aggravated this issue and often consumers become prey to this. Therefore, due to the loopholes in regulations, beauty product manufacturer can add any chemical substance despite its toxicity.

These chemical substances, if entering the body orally can be poisonous. Skin is the largest organ in the body and acts like a sponge and absorbs what is applied on it. Such products can also cause damage to the environment as well to the health of humans during their lifecycle of manufacture, use and expiry.
Therefore, those who are beauty-conscious, health-obsessed and want to go green have shifted their preference towards the usage of natural and organic beauty products to enhance their existing beauty. Use of natural ingredients can be the most-trusted and recommended way to enhance skin beauty.

Organic or homemade beauty products are free from side effects of any nature and can be used with confidence. Natural or organic products do not harm the skin texture or complexion but enhance it. They nourish the skin and show no side effects over prolonged usage. The ingredients that are found in natural and organic products have nutritional values to sustain, repair, rejuvenate, replenish and refine skin.

In ancient times, people only used natural substances on their skin to enhance the texture of it and had reaped positive benefits.

Increased awareness
With increased awareness that is raised via newspapers, magazines, social media and on the internet, people are made aware of the dangers and detrimental effects of using chemical beauty products. It is a trend in the modern world to look for beauty products that are made naturally with no added chemicals or toxic substances and are more environmentally friendly.

Body washes of varied brands and types are abundantly available in the market and sometimes the consumers are baffled so as to which product or brand to choose. However, in order to avoid the detrimental effects of chemical beauty products on skin, it is always safer to use natural ingredients in a body wash. Body wash can be made at home and the process is easy.
Body wash can be made with many natural ingredients that are found in the home garden or in the kitchen itself. Chocolate and Apple body wash can be made easily at home and is soothing to your skin. Apple juice is rich in vitamin C and improves the complexion of the skin while helping the collagen production of the skin.

The combination of apple and chocolate is a wonderful treat for the skin and it nourishes skin naturally.
Making Apple and Chocolate Body Wash at Home

Ingredients needed:
Apple juice
Dark chocolate
Any type of body wash devoid of perfume

Put some pieces of dark chocolate into a container and heat it in a microwave until the chocolate melts. Do not add water to melt the chocolate and do not directly heat the chocolate on fire. If water gets in contact with chocolate, the chocolate will absorb water and become solid again. Make sure you use dry containers and spatulas when melting chocolate. It should be heated on a low flame because overheating can produce burnt chocolate lumps. Chocolate retains its original shape even after it is melted, until it is stirred.
Using a microwave is the easiest way to melt chocolate. Chocolate can be heated in short intervals if you think it would get burnt. The time you should set on the microwave depends on the quantity of chocolate that you use. If you use a smaller quantity, three minutes would be sufficient to melt chocolate.

Double boiling method is also a recommended and is a traditional method of melting chocolate. You need two aluminium pans - one large and one small. Add water to the large container and heat it until water boils. Add chocolate in a smaller bowl and put that bowl into the large pan. Avoid getting water into the smaller bowl that contains chocolate. Leave the bowl in the boiling water container until melted.

Mix the melted chocolate and apple juice. If you prefer taking the juice of a fresh apple, do not add water when making it. Crush the apple in a grinder and strain the juice to a container. You can also use readymade apple juice for this. Make sure you do not add water when making the body wash.

Add any body wash of your preference to the apple juice and chocolate mix. The body wash that you use should be void of strong fragrances to retain the natural aroma of chocolate in the body wash. Beat the mixture until well combined it foams.
Pour the mixture into an empty body wash bottle and you can use this as a daily body wash instead of strong chemical body washes that damages your skin. You can store this body wash in a refrigerator and dip the bottle in a warm water container before using it. If you make a small quantity, you need not keep it refrigerated and can be used within a couple of days.
The goodness of chocolate in this homemade chocolate and apple body wash stimulates the circulation of blood on the skin and invigorates skin cells helping the skin retain its firmness and delay the aging process. Chocolate is rich in anti-oxidants and protects skin from the damage of UV rays. Chocolate hydrates and moisturizes the skin while helping to enhance complexion. The Theobromine that is present in chocolate helps getting rid of cellulite in the skin.

This is an aromatic body wash that will soothe your skin and leave it fragrant and supple even after you have washed it away.



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