Sun into Sagittarius ‘Kona Month’ has just begun

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By 2017-12-17

By Sampath S Kalpage

We are only several days away from the dawn of the New Year. These last few days before the New Year seem to be astrologically important as a crucial planetary transit took place yesterday (16 December) when Sun the lord of the zodiac transited its friendly planet Sagittarius at 3 a.m. The transit of Sun has resulted in a 'Kona Month' which is known as a period in which people should avoid performing auspicious events. Sun will remain in the house of Sagittarius until January 14 2018. When analyzing the current planetary formation, we find that the transit of Sun has also resulted in a 'Kala Sarpa Yoga'. Therefore, the current planetary configuration doesn't seem auspicious.

Jupiter the lord of Sagittarius is currently posited in the House of Libra and Saturn and Mercury are posited in Sagittarius. Venus which is currently located in Scorpio will move to the House of Sagittarius on December 20. Thus, Sun, Saturn and Venus will be conjunct together in the House of Sagittarius. Aforementioned planetary conjunction might not be auspicious for Sri Lanka. The period ahead might be troublesome and challenging as the country may be on the verge of some natural disasters. In addition, there can be road accidents. Rulers who have been involved in bribery and corruption might have to pay the penalty during the period. Certain leaders who will be convicted before the law would be punished. Therefore, it is necessary to be righteous during the period. Those who are under malefic effects are kindly instructed to be meritorious.

As noted in the beginning, the transit of Sun has resulted in a 'Kona Masa'. Auspicious events are therefore not carried out during the period. Thus, those who expect to launch new projects are advised to carry out their work after January 14. The periods that were considered as 'Kona months' in 2017 are as follows:

March 14 2017- April 14 2017
June 15 2017- July 15 2017
September 17 2017 to October 17 2017
'Kona Month' refers to the period in which Sun is posited in Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius. Those periods are considered inauspicious because the positive rays exerted by Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are resisted by the negative rays of the Sun. Constructing newly houses, house –warming ceremonies and weddings are not performed. Although auspicious events are not performed, ordinary events could be performed as per the guidance of astrologers.



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