Inviting wrath of goddess Lakshmi

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By 2017-12-17

By J. Gunapala

Despite your knowledge and education, you may find certain aspects of the universe difficult to fathom. This experience is common to all humans as we are not enlightened beings; that includes this writer who is ignorant about a vast number of things. If someone thinks that he knows it all, there is no other person as foolish as he is. Due to this situation we must be careful as to refrain from doing certain things that we do not fully understand. The following is about this unknown aspect.

As soon as you wake up in the morning, if you come out from the main entrance, clear your throat and spit out, it formulates a bad habit. On the day it is done you will experience disunity, or stress; the possibility of ill health or difficulty cannot be ruled out during the course of the day. There will be obstacles to your work.
Do not sweep the dust and trash out from the main entrance. The entire day will be unpleasant. You may experience frequent shortages or loss in the house.

Do not wait until commodities such as sugar, salt and rice are finished in the kitchen. Specially do not wait till you have to scratch out the last grain of sugar from the bottle. This applies to salt as well. Do not wait till the salt bottle is empty. Do not wait till the last grain of rice is used. Those stand as bad omens against abundance.
Do not leave dirty clothes hanging on chairs, clothes lines, put up in rooms or on the doors; instead have a separate container for them. It may affect abundance in the house.

We have seen on many occasions that adults as well as children put all their weight on one side of the body and stand on one leg. This augurs ill luck. When this posture is constantly practised it is believed that their future become bleak. Such children may become stubborn from an early age. There are also those who prefer to keep their hands folded in front. This is an undesirable posture. Such people will not progress in life.

If animals such as dogs, cats or cattle come to you showing a friendly demeanour, do not chase them away. Give them some food if you can afford or at least stroke their heads. If this incident takes place in the morning, you will meet someone before Sunset.
Trees blossom due to their connection with nature. Therefore it is inauspicious to strip the trees of all flowers. This may create a distance between the tree and universal energy. It may block divine grace. This is highly relevant to plants such as jasmine, Kiri- idda and Nil Katarolu. It is highly inauspicious to dry clothes on such plants. People dry their clothes on flower plants on many occasions. Therefore refrain from such acts that may create consequences that you do not understand.

If you are working at a workshop, before starting work in the morning venerate the machine you use, with folded hands. If you are doing clerical work in an office, bow to the stationary and the table before starting work. I have seen many drivers venerate the steering wheel before they start the engine. The drivers who are careless have the tendency to meet with accidents at any time of the day. There are many such customs that you are unaware of. By conforming to them nothing harmful will result. There are certain things that you should not do without being aware. Especially when you are angry don't give vent to your anger by smashing objects on the floor. Don't break them. Don't be callous and fast drive a vehicle. I have seen school children who bang their books, pens, and bag when they are angry. The side effects of such acts however trivial, can be disastrous as it may lead to disruption of education.

I have seen coconut pluckers who venerate the coconut tree with folded hands before climbing. This act should be appreciated. Those who are unaware of these customs sometimes get into difficulties. Therefore do not let your ignorance get the better of you.
During the fruit season do not climb a tree and eat the fruits while still on the tree; also refrain from plucking all the fruits. It may affect the tree as the tree may not come to fruition in the next season. Sometimes the taste may be missing or the fruits may get spoilt and fall prematurely. Therefore a part of the fruits should be left on the tree for birds and other creatures. Then only the tree will feel satisfied. There are people who fall from fruit trees with their branches broken. This is due to not abiding by these values. Therefore avoid doing what you are not sure about.

It is highly inauspicious to climb a coconut or a king coconut tree and pluck the nuts and drink their water or eat the kernel while still on the tree. The bounty of the tree may diminish. It is not good to break branches of a tree that provide shelter.
The above factors will contribute to a more successful life. The bad periods in life are caused by the unwholesome acts committed in past lives; acting in ignorance too may cause undesirable side effects.



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