Rahu in 7th House and marriage

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By 2017-12-17

By Prasadini Narmada

The accepted Astrological view is that Rahu in the 7th House is unfavourable for marriage. Does this mean that a marriage will not work when Rahu is in the 7th House? Shouldn't one select such a horoscope for marriage? Most people get confused in such situations. On further examination we find that Rahu is depicted as a serpent without a body. Its vehicle is a horse.

Rahu belongs to the Asura clan. Rahu is believed to be highly addicted to intoxicants with minimum interest in amassing or accumulating wealth and always on the move. According to Astrology this planet has the highest tendency towards violence after Mars. I have indicated these characteristics to show the mental changes that may take place when Rahu is directly affecting a subject or during the Rahu period. The 7th House indicates Bhava, marriage and the partner. By the planets located in the 7th or the aspects on the 7th, one can identify the characteristics of a person who has a higher tendency to become one's spouse. But it may not be 100 percent accurate at all times. But the highest tendency is to find a person of that nature. Such a person does not have any logic to his action. A marriage may break up due to a partner who is as fiery as a serpent, who is uninterested in progress, addicted to intoxicants and also insensitive.

Another disastrous aspect when Porondams are being examined is that horoscopes with Rahu, Mars or Saturn in the 7th House may be rejected as malefic, without any justification. Some Astrologers do not bother to find out whether the relevant planet is exalted in that position. The natal charts are also not re-examined; results can completely change in such situations. Many such examples can be presented as regards renowned people according to the strength of each planet.



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