Hayleys Agri wins two Gold Awards

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By 2017-12-21

Hayley's Agriculture Holdings, the agribusiness division of Hayleys PLC, was recognized for its innovative agri-business practices in Sri Lanka, winning two Gold awards at the recently concluded National Business Excellence Awards 2017 (NBEA).

Hayleys Agriculture's pioneering hybrid flower seed production company Quality Seed Co. (Pvt) Limited won the overall Gold award for Business Excellence in the category of medium sized companies, while Hayleys Agro Biotech (Pvt) Limited, the Tissue Culture Laboratory of the sector, won the Overall Gold Award in the category of small-sized businesses.

"Being recognized for our innovative ability at the prestigious National Business Excellence Awards 2017 further validates the pioneering contributions made through Hayleys Agriculture towards the improvement of Sri Lanka's diverse agriculture sector. We wish to thank our team of employees and senior management for their commitment to driving forward the vision of Hayleys Agriculture," said Hayleys PLC Chairman/Chief Executive Officer and Hayleys Agriculture Holdings Limited Chairman, Mohan Pandithage.
"One of the most formidable strengths of Hayleys Agriculture has been our ability to engage stakeholders from across the island, with a particular focus on rural communities already engaged in the agriculture sector. By forging networks with stakeholders on the ground, Hayleys Agriculture has initiated a wave of innovation in laying the foundation for the development of a resilient, sustainable and profitable Sri Lankan agriculture sector," Pandithage stated.

Organized by the National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka (NCCSL) for the 14th consecutive year, the National Business Excellence Awards are among the most prestigious accolades presented to leading members of the Sri Lankan business community. Since its launch in 2004, NBEA has been able to maintain its reputation as a well-structured awards scheme and has become the symbol of excellence for the very best of the Sri Lankan corporate sector. "As an industry that changes with the seasons, adaptability through innovation is crucial for our nation to increase profitability in a manner that is harmonious with the needs of all stakeholders. We are always cognizant of the vital role that Sri Lanka's agriculture sector has played in our past, and its enduring potential to serve as an engine of prosperity for the nation in the future. In this regard, we are deeply honoured to be presented with two Gold awards at the NBEA and remain committed to our continuing role as an engine of innovation in the agri-sector," Hayleys Agriculture Holdings Limited Managing Director Rizvi Zaheed stated.

Hayleys Agriculture has spearheaded the Agricultural sector in Sri Lanka since the 1950's. Being among the top ranked firms in the market, Hayleys Agriculture exports value-added agro produce to major buyers in the international arena.

The agri-business arm of Hayleys PLC is Sri Lanka's largest exporter of processed fruits and vegetables, accounting for 47% of the country's exports in this segment. These exports include semi-processed and processed fruits and vegetables, packed and presented to the highest standards in jars, pouches and cans. The hybrid flower seed facility in the hill country expands over 55,000 square metres of green house facilities, while handling a capacity of 1,300kg of flower seeds per annum.




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