NDB to go paperless

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By 2017-12-21

The National Development Bank (NDB) plans to go paperless this festive season, as a show of good faith towards creating an eco-friendly society.

Noting that the usage of massive amounts of paper is one of the key factors contributing towards climate change, the NDB management noted that while deforestation is a tremendous issue that contributes towards climate change, paper accounts for nearly 40 per cent of the trees cut down each year. Statistics show that a ton of paper costs a total of 17 trees.

Accordingly, NDB has decided to contribute towards mitigating climate change and reduce carbon emissions.

NDB has reportedly moved away from traditional hard-copy statements that are posted to customers.

The Lifestyle Statement is instant, readily accessible, and a soft copy can be saved for future reference. The mobile banking app also greatly conveniences everyone including busy travellers who need guaranteed security for their credit card transactions.

With many other banking options such as fund transfers, paying utility bills or transferring money to any other bank, customers now get more time to enjoy life without having to rush while saving time, money, and the environment.




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