Vastu offers solutions for delayed marriage

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By 2017-12-31

By Janaka priyantha Dayaratne

Marriage is an event described as the second birth. However marriage to a wrong partner will create a miserable situation. A solitary life too can be less than satisfactory. In fact mIt is considered a skill on the part of males to delay their marriages and for the females its contrary. But the males too have limitations in this respect. Those who are pursuing education may delay marriage seemingly due to their lack of interest. But those who are very keen on getting married too may experience delays in marriage. Such situations can be identified through Astrology as well. Krishnamurthi Paddhathi which is a miraculous invention of modern Astrology shows signs for delay and absence of marriage.

Vivaha Dosha (obstacles that cause marriage delay) in a horoscope shows what would happen if nothing is done to remedy the defects and it does not constitute a static situation. Assisting others to get married may increase one's marriage prospects as one is motivated by wholesome thoughts.

In addition, absence of marriage may create a serious social problem. People may also believe that one is unhealthy or immoral. In many situations there can be some truth to this assumption. However speeding up a female's marriage may assist the continuance of human race.

Here our intention is to present several practices that would expedite a woman's marriage.
In the ancient as well as the modern Vastu texts the five elements water (Apo), fire (Thejo), wind(Vayo), earth(Pathavi )and space(Akash) are mentioned.

Although many books may refer to Vayo as wind, understandably it means the quality of wind which is movement and lightness. In any construction this element is allocated to the direction of North-west which has the quality of motion or moving out.
According to this principle, guest room in a house is located in the North-west with the expectation of quick departure of guests. The finished goods in a factory are also stored in the North-west for the purpose of sales promotion. Under the same rule a female who is anticipating marriage is suggested to sleep in a room in the North-west. The reason being the performance of marriage of a female in our culture means leaving her parental home. Sending the daughter off and welcoming a daughter in law is the tradition in the East. Therefore adhering to Vastu principles may result in successful consequences according to our culture.

There are new applications that are added to strengthen this common Vastu principle. Amongst these 'Pyra -Vastu' (creating balance and harmony by making core-level corrections with a yantra) is prominent where Marriage pyramids are concerned. Prof. Githens has stated that this type of pyramids generate a comic relation for those who anticipate marriage. These pyramids are divided into two parts as Fa and Ma; if your marriage is fixed but cannot be performed the females should connect themselves to Mother pyramids(Ma) and the Males to Father pyramids(Fa) by using a photograph or through some other feature. The required mindset can be created by keeping a picture of a wedding at a distance where faces may not be recognizable. When a girl's marriage is not fixed, the Fa pyramid should remain vacant. There have been miraculous results when a girl was led to energize the dual pyramids at night just before sleep. It has to be mentioned that expectations of a woman in a deeply relaxed state may be realized. The direction of the bed or her head can be turned wards the south.

It is essential to refrain from using iron beds or mattresses with iron fixtures. Another instrument named 'Vastu Sleep' is also being used to induce sound sleep. It is to eliminate negative thoughts and stress from the mind and create a hopeful outlook.any may boast about the freedoms of single life until they find a suitable partner!



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