What’s your New Year resolution?

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By 2017-12-31

By Priyangwada Perera

"I love Christmas. I think we had a superb Christmas," said Kevin. "We sure did. I loved it. The tree was the loveliest we have had so far. My gifts are exactly what I wanted," said Delaney.

"Santa must have decided that both of you were good enough, during the year. Funny, I think Santa missed many naughty episodes to have thought that way," their mother joined them with a smile. Just a week after Christmas, everybody was still very much in the Christmas cheer. "Next is New Year. I will be in a new class in 2018," Delaney said. She was looking at the new books, with new covers, name tags and stickers. Delaney could not wait to start the year.

"Now my darlings, Santa was pleased with you this year. So, you have to make sure you behave better in the coming year. What both of you can do is to make some New Year resolutions," said their mother. "New Year resolutions? What on earth is that?" both of them said together. "How do I make one of those?" asked Delaney. "New Year resolutions are something like goals for the new year. They are little things we want to do, so that we can improve our life," mother went on explaining. "As we start a brand new year, we can make a strong decision and promise ourselves to stick to our decision and practice it throughout the year." Delaney looked thoughtful but Kevin said that he is confused. "Can you tell us how? Will you give us an example?" he asked. "Yes, darling. I will explain it better. Let's start with Delaney. Now, you have been quite a good girl. But what do you think you must improve this year?" asked their mother. "Improve... well, Amma always tells me to do my homework without waiting till the last moment. I hardly do that. I play or watch television throughout the evening and sit down to start homework at seven in the night. I become sleepy in no time and then it gets harder and harder. Maybe I should start early," she said rather thoughtfully. Her mother hugged her and said, "That is my little girl. Very good. You have recognized your weakness. From this year, you will start your homework early. I can help you before I get busy with preparing dinner. You will not be sleepy and we can finish everything early. Excellent." Delaney beamed with joy.

"How about you, little gentleman Kevin?" asked mother with a glint in her eye. He still looked a bit puzzled. What do I want to change, he kept thinking. 'Akka wants to finish her homework early. Maybe I should try to watch less television. But, I want to watch the two cartoons. I can't stop that,' Kevin thought to himself. "We are still waiting little boy," Kevin heard his mother's voice. Just then their father entered. He was back from work. Seeing the two children and mother, father came and gave Kevin something. "Here is a new toothbrush for you, Kevin. This is a special brush for children. You have to take care of your teeth better," he said. That gave Kevin a bright idea. "Yes, Amma! I know what my New Year resolution would be. I will eat fewer sweets. You always complain that I eat too much of sweet things. This year I won't. Not too much. When Thaththa brought the toothbrush, it gave me the idea. I don't want my teeth to get spoilt. My friend went to the Dentist recently and he said it was a horrible experience. So this will be my New Year resolution," Kevin said grinning from ear to ear.

Their mother was very happy. "But remember this, dear children. We all start with great enthusiasm and honesty but as the year goes on we forget to follow our resolutions. Are you ready to stay committed? Will you let me remind you, if Akka and Malli were to forget? Because we do need a small reminder sometimes." The children agreed with great joy. "We can even write down your New Year resolution in a beautiful small board and display it on top of your beds. Then you can see it every day and be motivated to follow it. What do you think?" she asked. "That will be great. I will have a colourful little board and Amma can write down the resolution for me, can't you?" Delaney, the artist was delighted. Their mother had to remind them of one more thing. "With New Year resolutions, the key is to keep trying. It is not going to be very easy to follow these things every single day. But we will help each other and do our best with determination, am I right, darlings?" She heard them shout in agreement.



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