Mini back-to-school DIY’s

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By 2017-12-31

By Milan Lu

School will start before you know it and this means a new school year for most of you.New books, uniforms and stationary must be already on your table at home. Add a burst of colour to your school supplies next year with these very simple DIY's.

Colourful book
Use wrapping paper as book covers. You can pick a different wrapping paper for each subject. Make sure you stock up on a few extra sheets of the same wrapping paper, to cover any new books you have to buy for each subject later in the year. If you want to save paper, you can even use a little square or a strip of wrapping paper to add some colour to the plain coloured book covers.

Add your name
Like putting a name tag on your books, you can also add your name to your pens, pencils, ruler and eraser. This way you can make sure your pens and pencils don't get mixed up with someone else's. You can make name tags using a tiny piece of paper and stick it in place with cello tape.

A unique note book
Having a notebook just to take down what you have to do for home work, when you have to stay after school and other little important information is something a lot of you do. It's a great way to remember what you have to do but if it's just a normal notebook, you won't be too excited to look at it. So give your notebook a new look by putting a unique book cover. You can draw a book cover or use things like sequins, stickers, glitter glue and paint to make a pretty book cover of your own. You can even print your name in a fancy font. Make sure you dint use any pictures of celebrities so that the prefects won't confiscate it!



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