Late Ashraff still unmatched

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By 2018-01-03

By Our Ampara Correspondent

Late Sri Lanka Muslim Congress Leader and Minister M.H.M. Ashraff guided not only the Muslim community but was an advisor to the other communities as well. He was unmatched in his political thinking.

Hence, he was loved by all, National Congress Leader and Former Minister A.L.M. Athaullah, at his first public meeting held at the Akkaraipattu Public Grounds recently, said. "We were brought up in his camp under his able guidance, so we know the pulse of the people because we are with the people and people also trust us,."

He was speaking at the introduction of members who are contesting the Akkaraipattu Municipal Council Election on behalf of the National Congress.Continuing, Athaullah said that the forthcoming Local Government Election is an important one and everyone should use their franchise in a perfect manner and select their local leader, whom they think can serve the people and look into their welfare. "In the past we trusted the blabber mouths and false promise givers. This mentality should be changed. We must cast our valuable votes for eligible candidates," he said.Former Provincial Minister M.S. Uthumalebbe, Party Propaganda Secretary M.M. Baheej and several others also addressed the gathering.Party's manifesto was also released at the conclusion of the meeting.



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