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It is said that Pink Champagne Cake originated on the West Coast in 1950s and was popularly used in weddings and less often in birthday celebrations. Although Pink Champagne Cake had been a glamorous addition in the wedding celebrations and bachelor parties in the past, it is equally popular in birthday parties today. So, this Pink Champagne Birthday Cake can surely add glamour to your loved one's birthday.

If he loves the taste of champagne, he will be overwhelmed with delight and this surely will be the best birthday cake ever that you made for him!

Tradition of Birthday Cakes
The first birthday cake is believed to have been made in Germany in the Middle Ages. Germans used to celebrate their children's birthday with baked cakes and named the ceremony, Kiderfest. The birthday cakes that Germans made were coarse and more like bread with a sweet taste. During the 17th Century, the bread-like cake evolved into more luxurious forms with icing and decorations with enhanced flavours which were only affordable to the rich.

It is also said that ancient Greeks had made round bread-like cake to honour one of their gods, Artemis. Artemis was known as the God of the moon. They made round cakes to represent the shape of moon and lit candles to depict the light of the moon. The ancient Greeks believed that the smoke that came from the candles carried their wishes and prayers to the Gods in the sky. The round cakes with lit candles were offered on the birthday of God Artemis on the sixth day of every lunar month.
In today's world, cutting birthday cakes, lighting and blowing candles are a popular tradition and it can be believed that the tradition has been the evolution of offering cake to God Artemis on his birthday.

Ingredients required make Pink Champagne Birthday Cake
lButter- 150g
lMargarine or Shortening- 75g
lAll purpose flour – 350g
lBaking powder- 1tblsp
lEggs- 6
lCoconut oil- 2 tbsp
lGranulated sugar-400g
lPowdered sugar- 1.2kg
lPink Champagne- 250ml
lVanilla extract- 1tsp
lHeavy whipping cream- 1-2 tsp
lFood colouring- red- 3 drops
lSalt- a pinch
Making the Pink Champagne Cake

Place a pan on the cooker over medium-high heat. Pour 250ml of pink champagne and simmer until the champagne is evaporated about a ¼ of the pan. Once the pink champagne is reduced to about 50ml, transfer the liquid into a small glass bowl and allow it to cool. By evaporating the liquid in the champagne gives a strong champagne flavour to the cake.
Add all purpose flour, baking powder and salt into a medium sized bowl and whisk. Set the mixture aside. Separate the egg whites from egg yolks and put in another bowl. Add pink champagne, vanilla extract, coconut oil and whisk until well combined. Set this aside.

In another bowl add butter and sugar and mix until well combined and the batter becomes smoother. Add the flour mix portion by portion to the butter mix and beat well. Then add the champagne mix to the batter and beat well until incorporated. Pour the whisked batter into prepared pans and bake for about half-an-hour in an oven at 350 degrees.
When the aroma of the cake begins to emanate, after about 25 minutes, insert a toothpick into the cake to check if the cake is well baked. If the toothpick comes out clean, without anything stuck to it, the cake is ready to take out of the oven.
How to make Pink Champagne Butter Cream Frost
Beat butter and margarine. After the butter and margarine are melted, add food colouring and vanilla until they are well blended. Then add powdered sugar, 1 cup at a time and keep beating the mixture. While beating the mixture, scrape the batter that is left on sides and the bottom of the bowl. Then add heavy whipping cream, champagne and a pinch of salt. Beat the mixture until well combined. Whip the frosting until it is light and fluffy.
Apply this frosting on the baked cake.

Secret to a puffy cake
When making cake, the easiest way to make the batter is to beat the mix with an electric beater or a whisker and that is also the most popular way of combining the ingredients. If you beat the batter with a wooden spatula until the ingredients are well combined, the cake becomes more puffy and tasty. And also, the batter should be beaten in the same direction to enhance the texture as well as the taste of the cake. This is a guarded secret that I shared with you today. I learnt this from my mother and I tried it too. The cakes that I make rise better and are light and tastier.

Keeping cut cake fresh
Keeping cake fresh after cutting is not an easy thing. If at all any cake remains after the birthday bash, New Year party or a wedding, it is usually refrigerated. However, when refrigerated, the cake become harder and cold and loses the taste. If the cake is stored in a container, the taste of it may deteriorate with time. So, every one of us faces this challenge of keeping the cut cake fresh for a couple of days.

I will share with you a little trick to keep cake fresh. Simply place or attach two slices of bread with a tooth pick on the cut surface of the cake. This will keep it fresh and you may see the slices of bread getting harder and sometimes crusty. After a couple of days, replace the slices of bread with fresh slices because the hardened slices of bread will no longer be able to hold on to the soft surface of the cake.

Make a Pink Champagne Birthday Cake on your loved one's birthday and surprise him with the tipsy taste. Of course he will love the taste and, will love you more!



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