Tough Period Ahead

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By 2018-01-07

By P.D. Perera

People have become more concerned about the coming days with the dawn of the New Year; thus the majority must be keen to know the astrological predictions about the period ahead. It is often seen that people are searching for predictions made by astrologers according to their zodiac sign; still I am doubtful whether we could make accurate predictions based on mere zodiac signs since there was no specific planetary transit at the dawn of the New Year.

The New Year dawned under the zodiac sign of Virgo, Taurus Nawamshaka and the 2nd Pada of Muvasirasa asterism. Let us examine the manner in which the planets were located in Sri Lanka's horoscope at the dawn of the New Year.

1st House- Neptune
3rd House- Uranus
4th House- Moon
6th House- Rahu
9th House- Jupiter and Mars
10th House- Mercury
11th House- Sun, Saturn and Venus
12th House- Kethu
Sun located in the 11th is generally considered auspicious; but the Erashtaka period that is supposed to last until January 26 2020 seems to be buffering the effects produced by Sun placed in the 11th. Therefore, expected auspicious outcomes might not favour the country. Influence of powerful global organizations on the country seems strong; thus, the condition of the country might be rather shaky and its reputation might be continuously tested during the period ahead. Rulers craving for power will be witnessed and there could be crossovers in politics. These predictions could be witnessed as an election is scheduled to be held at the beginning of the year. Rulers might not be heading towards the expected target, although a major political party is now broken into two separate parties. The voters will cast their votes in spite of that as Jupiter is located in the 9th. It would be proved that the country is in need of a powerful party and people seem to be well aware of that. Rahu located in the 6th is believed to be correcting the path of certain politicians who are out of track. As predicted by me and the editor of 'Lanka Litha', the period ahead would not be auspicious as this parliament session started in an inauspicious time. Its negative consequences might have to be witnessed within next two years.

Issues in relation to university education might become worse whereas the period ahead will be challenging to journalists. Bribery and corruption might be on the rise. Local production might plunge whereas the cost of living will rise. Effects of pesticides and climatic changes may cause issues where farmers are concerned. Both government and the private sector may be on the verge of a challenging period. Textile industries might also bear the brunt of the negative influence. Power and fuel crisis might be subject of everyone's focus. By and large, the period ahead might test the strength of the country; those living religiously will benefit.



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