Vastu recommendations for employee management

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By 2018-01-07

By Janaka Priyantha Dayaratne

The most valuable asset for a household or a business establishment as of today is people or its employees. Therefore human resource management is of utmost importance. Although there are many methods as regards employee management, Vastu Shastra has introduced easy and simple methods which are also practical.

The analysis of the five elements in Vastu Shastra forms its basis. Accordingly the North-east is allocated the Apo element(liquid). The South-east is allocated the heat producing Thejo. The South-west has the element of Pathavi representing solidness. North-west is allocated the motion or blowing nature of wind (Vayo). The centre of the House is allocated Akash or emptiness. By matching the parts of the house with the five elements we can formulate the Vastu directions.
The function of the business or the household should match with the nature of the elements allocated to each side. By matching the activities with the nature of the element, the intensity of the particular element is increased. From our experience we know that by using this principle in employee management, success is assured.

What is important to mention here is that the South-west of a house, office or a factory should not be allocated for the employees. If individuals other than managers and owners are located in the South-west they may gain authority causing concerns to the management. Therefore positioning the owner or someone delegated by the owner facing the North, East or the North-east will have beneficial effects on the household. Therefore the head of the household should have his bedroom in the South-west.

In an organization it is natural for a capable employee to gain authority due to his skills. But this can go far beyond the expected limits. This is understood by the confusion in a house where the sons do not listen to the father. Such skilled but stubborn employees and children should be located in the North-east. Then despite their skills they will not exceed the management.
In houses as well as business places theft connected to employees is a serious problem. In addition they could rally and protests. Such employees should be located in the South-east to prevent rallying, theft and conspiracies. Therefore the employees with a penchant for stealing should be located in the South-east.

Despite the zero service done, removal of an employee may give rise to serious legal problems. Therefore the organization will have to bear the brunt of excessive number of employees that may cause loss to the company. The best thing to do is to locate them in the North-west. They will leave the organization on their own without being forcibly removed. The best direction to use for employees, need to be removed is the North-west where the guest room should be constructed and the bedrooms of females whose marriages are delayed.

The sales division of a business organization should also be located in the North-west. It should be borne in mind that it is the direction of air which represents movement.



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