A visual animation masterpiece

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By 2018-01-07

By Nirupa Mohan
Ceylon Today Features

The latest fantasy musical, 3D animated film, Coco, earned positive viewer ratings with 8.8/10 featured on IMDb and a rating of 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is an extremely successful achievement. Made with a budget of around 200 million, the film easily earned over 550 million dollars at the worldwide box office and is currently the highest grossing film in Mexico.

The 109 minutes film by director Lee Unkrich together with producer Darla K. Anderson in collaboration with the creators of The Toy Story, Finding Dory and Inside Out, Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures, features an all-Latino cast and takes in a concept based on the Day of the Dead, a Mexican holiday. The film features vivid colour and animation, backed by vocals that include songs that take in Mexican culture and also, celebrates life after death.

The film centres on Miguel Rivera (Voiced by Anthony Gonzalez) a young boy, aged 12, who's only aspiration in life is to become a musician, like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz (Voiced by Benjamin Bratt) the most famous musician in the history of Mexico according to the movie.

This becomes a challenge when his entire family has a generational ban on music and are set on making sure he stays away from music. The film takes Miguel to the Land of the dead, which turns into an extraordinary journey, to find the real reason, story and history of why his family banned music, while also having to find his way back to the land of the living.

The film also features, Hector (voiced by Gael Garcia Bernal), initially assumed to be a trickster, but with time his life adds layers to the story and to his character with more depth, and magnifies the need to understand people. Though meeting Miguel's musical idol is the initial goal, the story eventually changes, backed by magical, colourful and vivid visuals supported by musical ensembles that are almost a norm in the movie. The core value of the movie stays clear with a warm family based feel, backed by the need for understanding, accepting flaws, and taking in good intentions, while also, being an example of, reaching for your dreams and making them come true.

This is a movie that follows a quest to becoming a musician, but has heart, backed by a credible story, supported by colourfully animated vibrant visuals that complement the depth within the movie's own family history, with attention to detail.
The film features a familiar story telling style but stays unique with added depth, with extra emphasis on the need to see both sides to everything that's individually important and to understand people better before judging them from the beginning.
This is a movie that's a must watch for children and for all those who like 3D computer animation films, especially since this is a Pixar film that is more florescent and visually appealing, with plot lines that have a clear story and the exemplified need to stay concentrated on what's important, family and following your dreams.



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