Research Project on school dropouts

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By 2018-01-08

By L.S. Ananda Wedaarachchi

A research group, comprising lecturers and undergraduates of the Aquinas Institute of Higher Education, conducted a research on teenaged school dropouts in the slums of Colombo. This survey is a part of a study of an Asian project which is being conducted in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka by the International Federation of Catholic Universities based in Paris, France.

Explaining the objectives of the research project, Dr. Camille Raillon, PhD holder from the University of Paris, revealed that teenagers in slums in major cities in Asia ignore their formal studies and leave schools prematurely. This trend is a burning issue in poverty-ridden Asian countries, she pointed out.

She further said that the three-year research project which commenced in January 2017 is now in progress and a trained research team from five Universities in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, namely, Christ University and Stella Maris College for higher studies in India; Aquinas University in Sri Lanka; and Notre Dame University in Bangladesh are engaged in this research project. Already these teams have interviewed youngsters between the age of 11 to 18 years who are living in slums in Chennai, Bangalore, Colombo and Dhakka.

The Aquinas research team headed by the Dean of the Agriculture faculty, Rev. Fr. Tusita Solangaarachchi and Senior Lecturer M.M. Seneviratna along with Dr. Camille visited slums and schools in Mihindu Mawatha, Colombo 10, last week to gather data for the research.

(The Writer is a Senior Lecturer, Mass Media, Aquinas University College, Colombo 8)



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