SL can get 10 million tourists a year through digitization: CISCO

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By 2018-01-12

By Nishel Fernando

Key officials of CISCO and CISCO India noted that Sri Lanka is on the right path to the digitization of its economy, while pointing out that digitization of the tourism sector would enable Sri Lanka to boost tourist arrivals to 10 million within the next 2-3 years.
Addressing the media at yesterday's launch of CISCO START in Sri Lanka - a specifically designed product for small and midsize businesses (SMB) to help their digitization process - CISCO India and Sri SAARC Managing Director – Commercial Sales, Sudhir Nayar said that the Government's initiative to connect 800 Government institutes and link up 10,000 schools digitally depicts that it is moving in the right direction in terms of digitization.

According to Nayar, CISCO had 300-plus customers up to date, with 50 per cent of customers added during the last six months, indicating increased interest for digitization of businesses in Sri Lanka.

"Almost all enterprises, including banks and the Government, are talking to us for digitization," he added.
Nayar revealed that CISCO has been engaged with Sri Lanka's Megapolis project in an advisory capacity in terms of developing digital infrastructure. In addition, CISCO has also taken up the digitization project for Nations Trust Bank (NTB), while negotiations are underway for similar projects with several other financial institutes.
Meanwhile, CISCO Director, Mukundhan Manimandiran said that Sri Lanka could boost tourism arrivals to the country to 10 million visitors within the next 2-3 years, through digitization of tourism sector services. He emphasized that technology was the most vital tool in exposing and enabling more visitors to the country.

He elaborated that Sri Lanka should focus on making all information available to potential tourists with a secure system that assured ease of access, while suggesting that Sri Lanka should focus on developing an app which would enable individual tourists to capture and share their experiences to amplify tourist arrivals to the country.

Referring to a report by Columbia University, Nayar pointed out that digitization could make a larger contribution to Sri Lanka's GDP than stand-alone technologies. He said that a 10-point increase in digitization yields a 0.74 per cent increase in per capita GDP.
Moreover, Nayar said that 13,000 students have been trained on networking - which is the core of digitization - through CISCO's Networking Academy Programme, and revealed that Sri Lanka has become one of the fastest-growing countries under the CISCO Networking Program in Asia-Pacific Region in 2017.
"In Sri Lanka, we are partnering with leading service providers, banks and healthcare providers, as well as the Government, in their digitization efforts," Nayar stated.

According to CISCO officials, high-speed broadband coverage, rising adoption of mobile devices, proliferation of data, improving quality of connectivity, and the expansion of logistics services and networks are breaking the geographical market barriers for Sri Lankan businesses while opening up new opportunities.

The US$ 129 billion US NASDAQ-listed CISCO is based in Silicon Valley and is considered to be a global technology leader. The company established its presence in Sri Lanka 15 years ago. It currently has a fully-fledged infrastructure office and offers fully-fledged customer support service.



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