Justice and Law and Order Caffe warns Prez may take over portfolios Plus the Attorney General’s Dept

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By 2018-01-12

Executive Director of the Campaign for Free and Fair Elections,(CaFFE) Rajith Keerthi Tennakoon stated that if President Maithripala Sirisena were to take over either, the Ministries of Justice, Law and Order or the Attorney General's Department, the public should not be unduly surprised by such a move.

Speaking at a rally held in Rajagiriya recently, he further stated that more than anyone else it would be Sirisena himself who would be fully aware of when his official term as the President would expire.

"The President who began his term on 9 January 2015 has held office for 1,098 days as of 11 January, 2018. Hence only 696 days remain for a Presidential Poll. The next Presidential Election has to be held before 8 December, 2019. And the President is intentionally seeking answers to questions, to which he knows the answers for, in a subtle bid to justify future political moves," said Tennakoon.

"The President took office to catch thieves and rogues. Now the President has stated that around 30 people in the current regime are behaving like pickpockets. By 15 January, the President will have two stories to relate.

One will be that out of his five years, three have now lapsed. During the next two years, he will strive to ensure that the promises given to the masses are fulfilled.

For that he will be taking under his purview the Ministries of Law and Order, and Justice, amongst others.

If not, as his second story, the President might say that out of the six years, three have now ended, and for the next three years also he will remain as the President and to honour the promises given to the people, he will be taking over the aforementioned Ministries," he opined.



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