UNP backbenchers urge Speaker Ensure uninterrupted bond report debate

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By 2018-01-13

By Upatissa Perera

The United National Party (UNP) backbenchers have requested Speaker Karu Jayasuriya to ensure a suitable environment within Parliament to debate the report compiled by the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the issuance of bonds, which is to be tabled in the House on 23 January, as they were in possession of information to suggest that the Joint Opposition (JO) is planning to sabotage the proceedings in a manner akin to what transpired on 10 January during the special session in the Legislature.

This particular group of MPs have pointed out to Speaker Jayasuriya that there is a clear process that should be undertaken before such a report is tabled in the House. They had requested that he should ensure that it takes place.

The group had also urged the Speaker to set aside dates well in advance for the task. They have also informed the Speaker that the report should be made available to all 225 MPs in all three languages while sufficient time should also be given to them to study its contents thoroughly.

Finally, the MPs have observed that the onus was on the Speaker to take adequate measures so as not to allow a repetition of the clash that took place on 10 January in Parliament and to promptly evict any MPs who misbehave in the House, without fear or favour.



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