Rohan Victoria appointed Asian Packaging Federation President

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By 2018-01-14

The Asian Packaging Federation (APF) has appointed a President from Sri Lanka, namely Rohan Victoria, to its Board of Administration for the third time in its 50 years of existence, stated a press release.
He takes over the reins effective 1 January 2018, from Dr Kie Shim of South Korea, who held this position for two years, the release added.

The APF, the only International Packaging Organization representing the Asian Packaging Industry, was founded in 1967 in Kyoto, Japan, with five countries as founder members comprising China, India, Japan, Korea and the Philippines.
One nationally-recognized packaging organization from each country in the Asia Pacific Region is eligible to be a full member of the APF, except for the Peoples Republic of China, the only country with two nationally-recognized packaging organizations with federation membership, considering the total population of the country.

20 national packaging organizations from 19 countries from the Asia Pacific Region have received full membership of the APF during the last five decades. There are currently 16 member organizations in the membership register of the APF at present.
The Sri Lanka Institute of Packaging, being the only leading organization representing the Sri Lankan Packaging industry, joined the Asian Packaging Federation way back in 1978 during the reign of the founder President of the Sri Lanka Institute of Packaging, Stanley Wickremaratne, who himself became a Vice President and later the 13th President of the Asian Packaging Federation in the year 1992 and 1993. A decade later in 2002, Dharma Ratnayake, one-time Secretary General of the APF, was appointed as APF Vice President and elevated to the rank of President a year later.
Both Wickramaratne and Ratnayake became Vice Presidents of the World Packaging Organization.
Rohan Victoria, the Managing Director of Iris Trading Ltd who became a Member of the Council of Management of the Sri Lanka Institute of Packaging representing Aitken Spence Printing & Packaging (Pvt) Ltd in 1995, was appointed President of the Institute of Packaging in November 2016. Prior to this, he held the positions of Assistant Secretary, General Secretary, Vice President and Deputy President over a period of two and half decades.

Besides Victoria being the President of the APF and President of the Sri Lanka Institute of Packaging, he is also a Director of the Packaging Development Centre Ltd, Director of the Ingrin Institute of Printing and Graphics and also a Director of the Sri Lanka Institute of Printing.

Victoria also led the Sri Lanka delegation in December for the meeting of the Board of Administration and General Assembly of the APF, which was attended by more than 30 delegates representing member organizations from nine countries, where he was appointed the President of the APF for a two-year period commencing January 2018.
The Asian Packaging Federation will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in Tokyo, Japan, and Victoria will participate at these celebrations as the President of the Federation, which is an honour for Sri Lanka
The APF, which was inaugurated in Japan in 1967, celebrated its 25th anniversary in Tokyo in 1992, with Stanley Wickremaratne as incumbent President of the APF and Dharma Ratnayake as its Secretary General, participating as honoured guests of the Japan Packaging Institute.
The Sri Lanka Institute of Packaging holds an esteemed position in the APF, considering the achievement of three of its members

heading the APF in its 50-year history.
These are hallmarks in the history of the Sri Lanka Institute of Packaging and through the enthusiasm and dedication displayed by these office-bearers, the Sri Lanka Institute of Packaging takes pride in bringing fame to Sri Lanka, the release concluded.



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