Thillie Boy debunks canard on T(W)aste of Paradise Chair!

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By 2018-01-14

So, Thillie Boy, the former Chair of the Bee Oar Eye, also 1979 Maroon Gold and Maroon and later Ceylon Schools' willow-wielding skipper has well left out an out-swinger, following media reports claiming that he is tipped to be the Interim Chairman of the national carrier, the T(W)aste of Paradise!

He said that he had not been spoken to and was not even shortlisted; making him so furious he ranted to AREL that he would not speak to journos or newspapers again! But now he is happily ensconced as Chairman of the National Agency for Private-Public Partnerships, coming under the aegis of the Finance Ministry, which has also doubled up with Media!

So, Prez Maithri has said that he wants to appoint a Commission to probe the whopping losses of the T(W)aste of Paradise in the Yahapalanaya regime. But, oh pray me! What AREL fails to decipher is what happened to the recommendations of the Sand Anicut Report that the former Transparency International Boss Jay Cee Sand Anicut, the Prez Counsel and the one-man Commission - who hogged it all to probe the previous regime's performances with the VVIP Brother in Law and the now-dumped See Eee Oar, Car Pillar the Moon Sena's dual antics - submitted, for which Sand Anicut levied a cool 3 million smackers? So, this also seems to be like one going for his ablutions or a Bee-Circle-Gee: When one makes a lot of noise and drops the matter! Hoo! Hoo!

Here, is a beautiful uncut gem on Car Pillar the Moon Sena! One Wednesday afternoon, AREL was walking near Town Hall with CFT colleague Ishara Village House, when Car Pillar also showed up for a jog! Then AREL said hello and asked him where he was employed now, to which he said that he was living and working with Uncle Sam! But the red herring and the rider was that AREL and Ishara saw him jogging there for a week, so AREL asked him whether he was flying back and forth from the US to Kolompura for a daily jog at the Town Hall! Car Pillar did not know whether to laugh or to cry!
So, Thillie Boy has spoken to Cee FT on Friday about having scheduled domestic flights to utilize the domestic airports, which, he said, would bolster tourism and also fully utilize the domestic airports. He stressed that the Government would operate the airports and where the investors would submit their proposals. He also said that this will not be like the ad-hoc charter flights. However, biz types are now asking what the feasibility of this venture would be; whether aircraft operators would run empty flights if there were no passengers with the scheduled flights being mandatory to fly! They ranted that these might well end up as flights of fancy!

So, Il Professori Gee Elle was livid this week when he chaired the joint presser with Bund Oola Gun on the bond scam and fuming over the bond scam, with special emphasis on the fact that the currency notes, that ex-governing namesake father-in-law and Sun Kind leader signed, were both invalid. The beleaguered governor was a Singaporean citizen and also did not sign or rant the oath meant for public servants. Therefore, both his governorship and his currency notes were both invalid! He dubbed both as rogues!
Rich indeed, coming from il Professori, who, as cupboard angel of Just Tease in the satellite cupboard and also as Deputy Finance angel, drafted Money anti- laundering laws in 1996 and also chaired an international conference on the need to combat money laundering at the then-oasis in the city, the Colombo Hilton, now branded in the reverse: Hilton Colombo! He also presented the 2000 Budget by the Diyawanna abode! So, AREL could well appreciate his rancour and acrimony against the two he dubbed as rogues!

So, Il Professori Gee Elle's fierce independence was widely known and acknowledged from the time of his halcyon days as Blue, Black and Blue Thora schoolboy. When he captained the 'school by the sea' debating team, he had as his team members veteran Diplomat and Head of the United Nations Treaty Office Dr. Palitha Kohona, who got the Treaty signed by US President Bill Clinton; Legal Advisor to the United Nations and the Caribbean Community (acronym-ed CARICOM), architect to the 17th Amendment to the Constitution and Paradise Isle's Envoy to the Austrian capital of Vienna , Dayantha Laksiri Mendis; and veteran Chartered and Chartered Management Accountant and public interest litigant Nihal Sri Amarasekere. There was this debate versus the Red, Gold and Blue Lions up in the Hills in the Lions' Hall, skippered by Just Teen Lab Roy, himself prolific prize winner and who also played on the Lions' wing under 1964 Fly Half and Lionsman More Harn Sahayam, the latter, Havies and Sri Lanka fly half! So, while the rest of the Blue, Black and Blue Thora debating team travelled up to Trinity by train and stayed in the Lions' boarding House, Gee Elle - the only child of founding Chairman of Air Ceylon Glennie Peiris and nephew of Bernard Peiris, widely acknowledged as the best Cabinet Secretary in independent Sri Lanka - came to Kandy in his father's Austin Princess, of which there were a mere two in paradise isle, stayed at the Queen's Hotel and came to Trinity on the morning of the debate!

Just a rant on the two rival skippers! Gee Elle, prolific Prize winner, in the years 1963, 1964 and 1965, was also the winner of the coveted Victoria Gold Medal for most outstanding student at the School by the Sea! On the Lions skipper: Just Teen Lab Roy, the Lions' winger in 1964, is today also a Professor! He is Professor of Medicine at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in Adelaide. He is also a Consultant Physician in Infectious Diseases and a Wellcome Research Fellow at the University of Queensland.

Anyway, the topic of the for the Lions-Thora debate which the Lions hosted up in the Kandyan Hills, where River Lake and Mountain Meet, was whether the politician was a scoundrel! The Thoras said Aye while the Lions said Nigh! Anyway, AREL will let that pass and will refrain on commenting! Hee! Hee!

So, Long John the tourism angel has told the Cee Tee, our main paper, that tourists, and more so, foreign fair damsels should not travel alone and unaccompanied as it was not safe for them. This follows the recent case where a Swiss tourist damsel was raped in Little England! What is this Paradise Isle coming to, where a British tourist was also murdered some moons ago and another man murdered and his wife brutally raped in that now-infamous Tangalle murder case? This is indeed rich coming from Long John!
The man, who has no known experience of being an exponent at the ball, racket and net game, was playing 'mixed doubles' of a different sort with a married air hostess of Paradise at the Ramada (formerly Holiday Inn) where he travelled 'via the gra'! By the time the mixed doubles started, he had sent his limousine also away! But the game ended early with Long John unable to make his centre(s) of gravity bow down! So after 'riding the horse', he had to rush to a Horse Pee Tall in the New World to get a few injections to his centre of gravity and his pen is to make it bow! Hoo! Hoo!

So, Raj Thea, has been appointed as the Cargills Bank MD/CEO, which means that he becomes the first MD/CEO of three top-listed banks: Etch N Bee, NDB Bank for a short while, and now Cargills! But the irony of it is that the Ceylon Chamber, the oldest Chamber in Paradise Isle which is also older than the London Chamber of Commerce and the Tokyo Commerce, has slapped a Rs 75,000 levy each on the members of the biz delegation that went to Seoul with Prez MY 3. With all the arrangements being made by the Ministry to which nothing was Foreign, the biz types are now puzzled and querying whether the world's oldest chamber is practicing the world's oldest profession!

The Bank that is Central, is in the news for reasons more than the Bond Scam! Now the social media websites have started another canard about Governor Dr. In Dra Jit Coom being a Canadian citizen and that his appointing authority, Prez MY 3, has not leant the lesson he failed to learn from the predecessor, the namesake Father-in-Law! Anyway, with the erudite Dr. Coom - also just-retired Director General of Economic Affairs of the prestigious Commonwealth Secretariat - just a call away, AREL demanded a clarification. He laughed it off and added for good measure that he was a dual citizen of Paradise Isle and also Old Blighty, debunking the Canadian canard! So, there!
Also, AREL has delightful reminiscences of the REMINISCENCES interview he gave AREL when he was Features Ed of the Iceland, which also included the interesting chats he had with Hanuman-land Premier Dr. Manmohan Singh while driving him to Heathrow for him to fly to New Delhi. Interestingly, the learned Indian Premier, who has not one but two Oxford University Pee Etch Dees, was employed in the World Bank before he became Financial Services Advisor to former Indian Prime Ministers!

So, the Kuruminiya in the tea container was more than a storm in the tea cup, where a week full of anguish and despair prevailed. Finally, nephew No-Win pulled out and it was the uncle, the Tea Board Chief, the Petal Doctor who flew to the Soviet motherland. For the record, the relationship is that the Petal Doctor's pretty and charismatic wife, Janaki, is the youngest sis of No-Win's dad, the late Gamini Dissa!

It was a team of technocrats who negotiated between the two sides without any political elements in it. Another record is in that both No-Win and dad Gamini held the cupboard portfolio of Plantations, where dad was so in the Preme cupboard in 1989 prior to his forming the DUNF, with Lar Leet the Inclusive Mudali!
So, whether the Kuruminiya went out of the container as the asbestos came in was, and is, a matter of conjecture! However, all's well that ends well!

This is a rant about La Leet, Trade and Shipping and National Security angel in the JRJ Cupboard. Then Preme appointed him to Agriculture. Subsequently, Lakshman Jayakody the SLFP MP and Cupboard angel - then in Opposition in 1989 and across the aisle at Diyawanna abode - asked Lar Leet in the 1989 Parliament whether he was now in charge of the four-legged, like the cows and the bulls and pigs, after being in charge of men as Security Angel. Lar Leet, also one time President of the Oxford Union, known for his caustic wit, rebutted, "Even the four legged are grateful!"



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